Feeling Glee-ful: New Glee Season 6 Promo Has Us Excited For What’s To Come

Feeling Glee-ful: New Glee Season 6 Promo Has Us Excited For What's To Come
Credit: FOX

Is it January 9th yet? We’re kind of wishing that Santa would hurry up and get his deliveries done, because we need season 6 of Glee to be here already.

A new promo for the show has been released, and though it doesn’t really give us much to go on, being only 20 seconds long, it still makes us feel Glee-ful.

There’s Rachel looking all…Rachel, there’s Warblers a-plenty and praise the Lord, there’s the unholy Trinity. There’s Sue Sylvester being as sweet and kind as ever and there’s Becky Jackson throwing a slushie, yay! There is also the addition of some new characters who look almost as awkward about their appearance as we feel about it.

Of course, as it stands right now we actually know a fair bit about what’s to come for the final season, and if all spoilers are to be believed, we are in for a rough few episodes before some truly magical moments.

The cast and crew certainly seem to be enjoying themselves on set, giving us lots of selfies and behind the scenes pictures, all of which help build our anticipation even more, and here is where I give you all a warning for SPOILER PHOTOS AND DETAILS AHEAD!

The addititon of Blaine’s mom, Pam Anderson (yes, really) to the cast only seemed to cement the fact that we will see a Klaine wedding, and pictures from set only proved the point still further. It looks as if the couple will be sharing their day with Brittana (don’t get me started) and Santana’s mom, played by Gloria Estefan will also be in attendance.

Pam Anderson will be played by Gina Gershon, who some will recognise from Cocktail or P.S I Love You. Most recently she has been seen on House of Versace. No, she’s not Lea Salonga, but we all know Glee doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to listening to fans wishes anyway (mumbles about the joint wedding). The actress Instagrammed this picture from set yesterday of Chris Colfer in what seems to be his wedding tux, which is rather lovely, but it was the next picture that really got tongues wagging.


What a beauty this creature @chriscolfer is. Thank you for your books. Cant wait to read them . What an angel.

Una foto publicada por Gina Gershon (@ginagershon) el


Une photo publiée par Harry Shum Jr (@harryshumjr) le

Harry Shum Jr’s cast selfie (minus Lea Michele) is, on the surface, just a great photo, but look a little closer…do you spot the rings?! Excuse me a moment, I might have something in my eye.

Naya Rivera Dorsey has also tweeted about today (December 19th) being her last day on set, so does that mean Brittana will be riding off into the sunset together?

All these pictures and promos, along with new promotional images which can be seen here as well as at the top of this article, has us totally prepared to take the rough with the smooth because in all honesty? The smooth looks like it  will be utterly sublime.