Fan Fun: OITNB Cast Help Spread Some Holiday Cheer, Litchfield Style

Holidays at Litchfield
Photo: Netflix

You can barely go anywhere these days without being constantly reminded that its only three days until Christmas. There are decorated houses, carols piped through every audio device, and the ever friendly radio and TV hosts casually reminding you just how many shopping days you have left to the big day.

While prison may be fairly isolated from the day-to-day going-on’s of the outside world, not even there are you immune from Christmas festivities. This is certainly the case for the ladies over at Litchfield, who have all come together once again to perform the classic holiday carol, “The 12 Days of Christmas.” However, the sweet, weird assortment of gifts that the recipient receives from their true love in the original song, have undergone the Litchfield treatment, with a number of the cast singing about some of the most memorable moments over the past two seasons of Orange Is The New Black.

So join Piper, Alex, Crazy Eyes, Red, Nicky, Pennsatucky, Sophia and others in celebrating the “12 Days of Litchfield”.

Now wouldn’t they be much more fun to receive than leaping Lords, drummers drumming and a pair of turtle doves? I particularly like the “11 Pipers piping,” “nine ladies dancing,” “six inmates laying,” and Red’s “a chicken in the yard”.

The 13-episode third season of Orange Is The New Black will debut on Netflix on June 6, 2015.


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