Downton Abbey Recap: Glad Tidings Indeed Reign On The Christmas Special

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Downton Abbey‘s Christmas Specials tend to run on the bittersweet side for the most part. This year’s special was no exception to that. We always tend to get an epic twist (RIP Matthew Crawley) in these specials, though this year’s didn’t give us a death (thankfully) but did leave us filled with a sense of peace and joy.

We did bid adieu to one of our faves here at 4YE, though we hope to see this fave come back to us sooner rather than later.

What You Need To Know:

  • Lord Killjoy Throws A Party And Gets Served: Lord and Lady Sinderby invite the Granthams to the country estate they’ve hired for some driven grouse shooting; their snobbish butler Stowell (Alun Armstrong) is rude to the other servants and Tom, who conspire to take revenge. When Thomas is insulted by an irate Lord Sinderby at the dinner table, he gets a dangerous secret from a tipsy Stowell, and arranges for his lordship’s former lover and illegitimate child to turn up. Luckily, Rose defuses the situation, earning her father-in-law’s gratitude.
  • Violet Makes A Decision: The Dowager Countess reunites Prince Kuragin and his estranged wife, and negotiates the continuing needling between Spratt and Denker, who try to do each other down.
  • Love Finds A Way: Carson and Mrs Hughes are choosing a B&B to run together, but Mrs Hughes reveals she has no money, having had to spend it on looking after her sister who is mentally disabled. Carson proposes to Mrs Hughes after buying the B&B in both their names. She naturally says yes!
  • Love Does Not Conquer All: After receiving a bitter letter from Larry, Isobel refuses to marry Lord Merton, to his great distress.
  • Robert Wins Father Of The Year: Robert finds out that he has a stomach ulcer, which will curb his drinking. Tom finally tells Edith that he has guessed that Marigold is her daughter, and Robert accepts her into the family; however, Mary is still unaware of Marigold’s true identity.
  • Bates Does It All For Love: Bates writes a letter confessing to killing Green, and disappears, apparently to Ireland. Molesley and Baxter take a photo of Bates round the pubs in York, and find the one where he had lunch on the day in question, proving he could not have been in London in time to kill Green. Anna is released on bail, and Bates returns in time for the Downton Christmas party.
  • The Sad Goodbye: The family say farewell to Tom, who leaves for Boston with Sybil, while Rose and Atticus move to New York.

Quote of the Night:

“Never complain; never explain.” Violet

And now for the After Party!

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