David Seeks Atonement This Week On Revenge’s Midseason Finale

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

This week marks Revenge’s midseason finale and boy was it a doozy. We laughed, we cried, and we were anxious.

Then again, that’s a weekly thing viewers can expect when watching Revenge.

This week, we finally get to learn a bit more about Jack’s FBI friend Kate. Unsurprisingly, now that she’s a bit more than a friend, she’s earned Emily’s attention. Turns out, there is evidence that points towards Kate’s involvement with Malcolm, David Clarke’s captor of sorts.

Luckily, Nolan and Louise have provided Emily with a place to get to know Kate a bit more. Together, Nolan and Louise throw the swankiest party of the season, complete with “Bang Bang” playing in the background. On the topic of Nolan and Louise, the two are even friendlier this week. The duo have had their ups and downs but it seems clear that they have a lot in common and understand one another on a level that no one else can. Having both been in the tabloids recently, the two join forces to throw a party of epic proportions. At the party, there is a lot of drinking and dancing, especially for Nolan and Louise. In a particularly interesting scene, Nolan does not take kindly to another guy dancing with Louise. Quite frankly, it looked like the two were going to kiss on numerous occasions. We can’t stand the anticipation, especially because now Louise is talking about leaving the Hamptons. After all, Nolan is quite the charmer, so we expect him to persuade her to stay and fight. We just really want them to happen already.

On the other side of the party, Emily and Jack execute a plan to find out if Kate is connected with Malcolm. After swiping Kate’s phone, Emily finds out that her hunch is right. However, Kate is just as smart as Emily, or as the agent calls her, Amanda. Turns out, Kate is being forced to work for Malcolm and that he has her mother. Together the two can bring him down…or not. Unsurprisingly, the backstory was all a lie. More surprisingly, Kate is Malcolm’s daughter. Back at Emily’s house the two brawl it out, which ultimately results in Daniel getting shot.

To be honest, this had us slightly less emotional than Conrad’s death, and a lot more emotional than Aiden’s death. Daniel has been a staple in the show and has gone through so many changes and developments as a character that it is incredibly hard to see him go. To be honest, we are still in denial.

Just when Daniel and Margaux are in a better place to work at their relationship and raise their baby, all hell breaks loose. We prepared ourselves for someone to die this year, because someone always has to die on Revenge, but nothing could have prepped us for this heartbreak.

The next half of the season is bound to show how Emily, Margaux and Victoria all deal with Daniel’s passing. We hope that to balance this out, it will also be full of Nolan and Louise…we can only dream.


“My party surviving unscathed… it’s a Hamptons freaking miracle.”

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues