Could Ron Swanson Be Heading To Fargo? Actor Nick Offerman in Talks For Season 2

Could Ron Swanson Be Heading To Fargo? Actor Nick Offerman in Talks For Season 2
Credit: NBC News

Actors Jeffrey Donovan and Nick Offerman are reportedly being lined up for Fargo season 2, TheWrap reports.

Donovan, best known for starring in Burns Notice, is allegedly reaching a deal which will see him joining the second season of the FX smash Coen Brothers show.

Offerman is thought to have an offer to join the cast, though he is not yet in negotiations.

Fargo season 2 will take us back in time to 1979, focusing on the story of Molly’s dad, Lou Solverson, who at that point in time will be a 33 year old veteran returning from Vietnam. The role of Solverson was played by Keith Carradine in the first season, and it is not yet known who will take on the part for Fargo’s return. Viewers will also get the chance to see a 4 year old Molly and her mother, which might better help us understand the events leading up to Molly deciding to become a cop in Minnesota.

A lot of the action for season 2 will take place in and around Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which viewers might recall was mentioned often in season 1, and filming for the ten, 60 minute episodes will take place in 2015.

If casting goes ahead, Donovan will play the part of a character named Dodd, while Offerman is wanted for the role of Carl. Rachel Keller, a relative newcomer, is rumoured to join the cast as Simone (Solverson’s wife, perhaps?), while Mike Bradecich and Allan Dobrescu are also reportedly in contention for roles. None of the original cast is returning.

For Nick Offerman, a role in Fargo could be just the ticket after the end of Parks and Rec. Although I will always have a difficult job seeing him as anyone other than the legendary Ron Swanson, Offerman’s comedic work will match perfectly with the dry and understated wit of the Coen Brothers and writer Noah Hawley’s work.

Fargo surprised me; normally I give anything that violent a wide birth, but Fargo was brilliantly written, shot and acted, endearing Billy Bob Thornton to me for the first time ever, and confirming how wonderful Martin Freeman is in pretty much any role. It also opened me up to the talents of Colin Hanks and Allison Tollman. I absolutely loved the show, and the addition of Offerman to season 2 will definitely ensure I will be watching.

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