Colin Firth is Ready to Save the World in the New ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Trailer

Photo: Yahoo
Photo: Yahoo

The new  trailer for the action-adventure comedy from 20th Century Fox and Marv Films, Kingsman: The Secret Service was revealed during the season finale of Sons of Anarchy and is now also available online!

Directed by Matthew Vaughan, who also directed X-men First Class and – one of my favourite movies – Stardust, Kingsman: The Secret Service is an adaptation from the comic book of the same name originally written  by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar about the most secret of secret spy organisations. The screenplay is by Vaughan and Jane Goldman.

In this tale, we see veteran spook Harry Hart (Colin firth) take right little cockney geezer upstart who also happens to be extremely clever “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton ) under his wing to join the service, all the while saving the world from the villain, a twisted tech genus.  While the plot does seem to be one often revisited in this genre, I hope we see some super special effects, almost like Bond Upgraded!

Starring alongside Firth and Egerton are Mark Hamill, Michael Cain and Mark Strong as the guy who takes the new recruits through their training for “the most dangerous job interview in the world”

Samuel L Jackson  plays villainous Valentine and looks set to not only be the bad guy but also the comedic foil with his lisp and lines like “I have trouble underthanding you people thometimeth”.

Kingsman will premier in January at The Sundance Film Festival, and  opens February 12th worldwide.

Take a look at the newly released trailer below:

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