Charlie Sheen Will Reprise Classic 80’s Role on The Goldbergs


Charlie Sheen Will Reprise Classic 80's Role on The Goldberg's
Credit: Paramount

When I hear news about Charlie Sheen I always assume it’s something outlandish again. After all, in recent years, that’s the type of “news” that has dominated the media circles for the actor. But whenever I think about my favorite Charlie Sheen role I always immediately remember his few minutes of screen time in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Seems I’m not the only one.

Sheen is set to appear on ABC’s The Goldbergs in a reprisal of his part in the 1986 John Hughes classic. In the film, the actor appeared at the police station as an unnamed druggie with surprisingly deep psychological insight who helps Jeannie (Jennifer Grey), Ferris’ resentful sister, get over her anger towards her brother. Then they make out a bit before Jeannie’s mom whisks her away. Back then, Sheen is said to have stayed awake for more than two days in order to achieve the haggard appearance of a drug addict. Something tells me he might use a different method now.

On IMDB there’s a piece of trivia for the film that says, “According to the Inside Story documentary, Charlie Sheen’s character’s name is actually Garth Volbeck. There was going to be a whole back story to his character and family. It was also revealed that the Volbeck’s was the family that Ferris’s mom was showing the house for sale as her job as a realtor. If you look closely, the tow truck that towed Rooney’s car was from the Volbeck’s Wrecking Service.”

On The Goldbergs, eldest son Barry will try to have a day off of his own and his sister, Erica, will fill Jeannie’s shoes, ratting him out for faking an illness to get out of school. That’s when she encounters Sheen’s character TV Line reports. But please, no making out this time.

This casting news comes while speculation is flying around about whether Sheen will reappear on his old show, Two and a Half Men. Personally, I’m way more excited about his cameo/guest role on The Goldbergs than any kind of return to the CBS comedy. Then again, maybe I’m just a sucker for 80’s nostalgia.


Stephanie Coats