“But first, let me take a selfie…” We Look At 2014’s Celebrity Craze

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Well actually it’s not just celebrities that have been camera phone trigger happy in 2014. As we reported earlier this month, Twitter has claimed that 2014 was the “year of the selfie.” With the term “selfie” mentioned a mere 92 million times on the site in the past 12 months alone, everyone seems to have taken up the craze.

However, as in all things, there were some that were that bit more memorable than others. Some that were retweeted and shared around the world, breaking records, breaking hearts and even breaking Twitter.

We here at 4YE love the celebrity selfie. We love the glimpse of our favourite people, often providing us with the behind the scenes view of TV shows, movies and their regular lives that have us fangirling like crazy.

Here are just a few of our favourite happy snaps that have kept us entertained and our noticeboards just that little bit brighter over the past year.

As any of our devoted readers would know, Tom Hiddleston has a bit of a 4YE following. Luckily for us he’s a bit of a fan of the selfie himself, making use of it repeatedly throughout 2014 primarily to publicise some of the charities and social justice campaigns he actively supports. Yeah, we didn’t think it was possible to love him more either!

While he was more known for his epic photobombing skills this year, Benedict Cumberbatch has managed to provide his own addition to the celebrity selfie list. He joined together his Imitation Game cast for a “family portrait” at the film’s premiere at this year’s BFI Film Festival.


Many celebs took selfies to record for posterity major career events throughout the year. Glee’s Chris Colfer embarked on a US book tour this past July to promote the third book in his The Land of Stories series, A Grimm Warning. At a number of stops along the tour where he did Q&A’s or read excerpts, he also took a crowd selfie. Here’s the one from tour’s first stop, Barnes and Noble New York City.

A massive fan of the selfie, Queen’s Brian May has taken numerous selfies throughout the year. One part of Queen’s recent tour with Adam Lambert involved May taking an arena selfie, much like the one below from their Perth gig in August.

He of course took a few behind the scenes shots with Adam as well, like this one:

  Anything you can do, the Muppets can do better! Kermit proves this with his classic selfie.


As hard as it is to believe, even celebrities get incredibly star struck when they get to meet other celebrities. One man that has long been known to inspire the odd swoon or two among both men and women is Hollywood’s silver fox, George Clooney. It wasn’t just the fans that were excited to hear about his guest appearance in the Downton Abbey skit for the charity event Text Santa and as with any other fan, the cast wanted to immortalise the visit with a series of photos. Hilariously a selfie made it into the skit. Now if only our ones looked this good.

Downton selfie
Photo: Photo: Nick Briggs / ITV


One of the most recent celebrity selfies was Harry Shum Jr’s “Glee-selfie” from last week. Basically THE picture that all Gleeks have been dying for, the selfie features almost all of the regular Glee cast, along with a number of special guests for a very special event episode due to air February 20 next year. This is the selfie that broke the Gleeks.


And we couldn’t have a celebrity selfie list without including the one that really started it all and set the bar high… Ellen’s Oscar selfie. Not only did this photo break Twitter for a time during the live telecast, but the tweet became the most retweeted in the past year earning the 2014 title of “Golden Tweet.” The tweet currently sits on 3,336,365 retweets. Not a bad effort.

We’re looking forward to the run of celebrity holiday and new year’s eve selfies that are sure to be tweeted and instagrammed over the next week or so, as well as what will be shared in the year ahead. That is until the next craze comes along.

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