BFI Poll Names The Doctor Greatest Sci-Fi Hero Of All Time


The Doctor is widely revered as one of the best and most enduring characters of science fiction.

There has to be something about the character for the Doctor to have a fifty-year history. So it is not that much of surprise that the a poll from the British Film Institute would name him the greatest sci-fi character of all time.

And why wouldn’t he win? The Doctor is the Doctor, no matter the incarnation. You may like one incarnation more then the next, but the fans have always stuck by him and his charms. Who doesn’t want to be whisked off by a time traveling alien to go and see the stars?

I am a Whovian though. So my answer would always be, “Well duh.”

It was a close victory though. The Doctor had beaten Alien‘s Ellen Ripley (played Sigourney Weaver) by only a 110 votes.

Which is a testament of how freaking awesome Ellen Ripley is. I can’t really watch Alien all the way through because I’m a wimp for horror movies, even the classic ones. Yet goddamn is Ripley awesome and another amazingly enduring character. She paved the way for female characters to be considered action heroes in their own rights along with cementing Sigourney Weaver’s status as a badass.

Other classic science fiction characters were also ranked in the top ten spots.

Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker took the third spot. Kerr Avon from the British science fiction show Blake’s 7 took number four (but seriously check out the show it’s pretty awesome). Captain Malcolm Reynolds from the cult classic Joss Whedon show Firefly claimed the fifth spot. Babylon 5’s G’Kar came in sixth while HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey took seventh.

Two Harrison Ford characters took hold of eighth and ninth place with Blade Runner‘s Rick Deckard and Star Wars‘ Han Solo. Rounding out the list was Spock in tenth place.

Thumbs up for a really awesome list of some of my favorite sci-fi characters. Of course I’m majorly bummed that Ripley is the only woman on the list. Maybe if the list is done again, then we can see some more variety?

Bec Heim