Beyoncé Opens Up in New Short Film “Yours and Mine”

Photo: YouTube

“I sometimes wish I could just be anonymous and walk down the street, just like everyone else.” These are the words with which Beyoncé opens her new short film Yours and Mine. The 11-minute video was released Friday morning to celebrate the anniversary of her surprise album Beyoncé last year. In the film she discusses themes such as fame, feminism and finding herself.

In Yours and Mine Beyoncé talks about her life as a celebrity, but instead of glamorizing the life of the rich and famous, she addresses the things she is longing for: anonymity and simplicity. Giving up the simple things in life may be the hardest thing that she had to do. She criticizes that “when you’re famous, no one looks at you as a human anymore.” She feels like the spotlight puts her in the position of becoming “property of the public”. A beauty pageant is (like in her music video to “Pretty Hurts”) used to put emphasize on the fakeness of fame and society’s beauty ideals. “There is nothing real about it.”

She further goes on and states that all the fame and public recognition is meaningless, if there is no one to share it with. Beyoncé here alludes to her husband Jay Z, who she describes as “a witness to [her] life”, and her family and friends that have always given her strength. But she also clarifies that she needs to be able to provide for herself, to keep her independence on some level. The musician admits that she had been afraid of conflict, but growing up has proven that the “unknown” is no longer terrifying but rather exciting. A part of growing up, so Beyoncé tells us, is learning to love your body and appreciate the things you have dealt with in the past, no matter how painful they were, as they shaped the person you are today.

The film continues by targeting gender roles and the equality of the sexes. “Feminist” has been a word that Beyoncé was afraid of because it held such a negative connotation. She says she feels empathy for both men and women, the roles they have been attricuted, and the pressure that is put on them respectively.

This may be the most personal and intimate video that Beyoncé has released so far. I admire her for her strength and the confidence with which she addresses matters such as body positivity or the equality of the sexes. It is wonderful to see a young artist speak up for civil rights. Beyoncé puts the attention she is getting by the media to good use, as she is trying to change people’s attitudes, towards each other, towards life and towards themselves.
“Happiness comes from you. No one else can make you happy. You make you happy.”

Verena Cote
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