And The Winner Of Strictly Come Dancing 2014 Is…..

And The Winner Of Strictly Come Dancing 2014 Is.....
Credit: BBC

It’s the Strictly final, dear friends, and we’re feeling a wide range of emotions as we bid goodbye to a show which has taken over our lives for the past 15 weeks. Still, whatever we were feeling as the title sequence aired, it was nothing compared to our final four, who must surely have been quaking in their boots, or dancing shoes.

Round One: Judge’s Choice

Credit: BBC

Frankie and Kevin: Dancing their Samba from week 7, which Frankie looked less than thrilled about, the judges told Frankie this was her chance to correct the mistakes she had made originally (She cried in week 7 at the judge’s comments). Well, Frankie didn’t make any mistakes and the Samba was great. 4YE Score: 9

Mark and Karen: Dancing their Cha Cha Cha from week 1 and Mark was happy as he loved the dance originally and wanted to improve. He certainly achieved that and more, giving us all a really fun dance. His joy is infectious. 4YE Score: 9

Caroline and Pasha: Again, dancing their Cha Cha Cha from week 1, Caroline and Pasha have made such a staggering improvement it is almost unbelievable. This dance was simply incredible. 4YE Score: 10

Simon and Kristina: A bit of an unfair advantage, we feel, as Simon and Kristina were given their Charleston from week 4 to dance again, which they were really good at originally. He did improve of course, because of the number of weeks he’s been dancing, and it was great to watch. 4YE Score: 10

Caroline and Pasha win round 1 with a judge’s score of 40


Round Two: Showdance

Credit: BBC

Just a note; I ADORE the showdances. They are the highlight of the entire series for me but nothing ever has or ever will, top Louis Smith’s topless gym ball routine. Onwards.

Frankie and Kevin: Dancing to ‘Get Happy’, this routine was filled with old school Hollywood razzle dazzle, including elements of Quickstep, American Smooth and Foxtrot. The showdances are a lot more about personal opinion rather than technicalities when it comes to judging and I loved every single second of Frankie and Kevin’s routine. So much so that Mr 4YE told me off for cheering too loudly. 4YE Score: 10

Mark and Karen: ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ could be Mark’s anthem. This showdance was full of punch and energy but for me, personally, it wasn’t the best. Little Miss 4YE loved it and said it was amazing. It did, however, do a brilliant job of showing how far mark had come in the competition. 4YE Score: 9

Caroline and Pasha: I actually cried. This is a dance that would not be to everyone’s taste, but having spent three years studying contemporary performance arts, it is right up my street. The depth of emotion, the brilliance of the storytelling and the pure magic of dance all combined to make this single handedly the best dance of the entire series for me. (But she’s not Louis Smith.) 4YE Score: 10 (and then some!)

Simon and Kristina: Dancing to ‘A Little Less Conversation’, the judges raved about this showdance which for me, was a bit of a mash-up of their previous dances with lots of complicated lifts. It was undoubtedly impressive, but I was still trying to come down from the beauty of Caroline and Pasha’s dance. 4YE Score: 9

Caroline wins round 2 with a judge’s score of 40 again.

A break, during which I had dinner while the contestants nervously sweated it out, and then it was back to find out who had come in fourth place, with only the final 3 moving forward to perform their own choice dance.

We bid farewell to Mark and Karen, which was right but still sad, as Mark is such a lovely guy. He should be so proud of all he has achieved though, and we have no doubt he and Karen will be friends for life.

Credit: BBC


Round Three: Couple’s Choice

Frankie and Kevin: Unsurprisingly, the couple chose to dance their Paso Doble as their last dance. It was sensational the first time around but gosh, to say she nailed it this time is an understatement. The shapes they created as a couple were sublime, the energy, the passion…every single facet of this dance was amazing to behold. 4YE Score: 10

Caroline and Pasha: Again, a bit of a no-brainer as Caroline and Pasha opted to perform their Charleston again. Somehow, the couple managed to bring even more energy to the dance a second time around. 4YE Score: 10 

Simon and Kristina: The couple chose to dance their Argentine Tango from Blackpool week. A great choice, but oddly enough it does mean that the final featured no ballroom dances for the first time ever. They were amazing in this dance, Simon and Kristina really did save the best until last. 4YE Score: 10 

A delightful performance from the world’s greatest man-band, Take That, and then, it being the final, there is no separate Sunday show, so we must be subjected to all the returning contestants in a group dance of nightmareish proportions. We were happy to see Pixie again though…Pixie who should be in the final three, that is. (Grr.)

And then…we have our winner.

HUGE congratulations to CAROLINE AND PASHA, very, very worthy winners and a fantastic partnership. Frankie and Kevin and Simon and Kristina have also been sensational throughout, and in fact the whole standard this year has been incredibly high, but Caroline had this special spark from the beginning, and Pasha brought that to life.

Credit: BBC Caroline Flack and Pasha Kovalev, SCD Winners, 2014

And that is it, Strictly fans. Don’t forget the Strictly Christmas Special airing on BBC1 at 5pm. Thank you for joining me on this crazy, fun-filled journey, and don’t forget to keep dancing!