Who Rocked? Who Didn’t? ‘The Voice’ Season Seven Top 12 Take the Stage

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Welcome everyone to The Voice Top 12 Lives!

The contestants have been whittled down and this week a coach could potentially lose two of their team members in one fell swoop.

Who will shine? Who will sink? Who will go home?

I am crossing my fingers and praying Jessie and Sugar go home. Some combination of one those people going home will make me soooo happy. I just find them pitchy and boring.

Well let’s see what happens!

So apparently, the contestants will be making original work. Pharrell is just excited to be working with the artists in the studio. I wonder if Taylor Swift will come back.

“Take Me To The River” sung by Sugar Joans: YES! She’s in the death slot. This song gives her good memories because she sang with her brother, who is also a musician. Oh are these little montages gonna be a thing? The purple is driving me insane. It’s like they really want us to know Sugar has purple hair now. She sounds generic. I don’t get why everyone loves her so much. All of the purple is just really distracting. At least she’s not in a bedsheet this time. Gwen feels like she can see the path Sugar would take an artist for her first record. She thinks it was incredible. Adam said he is glad she did a little bit less in the beginning to see some dynamics in her voice. Blake thinks that Sugar voice is constantly surprising and changing. Pharrell is so proud of her and the new terrain she shows of herself. Song by song he feels like she shows new facets of herself.

“Ordinary World” sung by Ryan Sill: Ryan is having trouble to focus on the melody. Gwen thinks that he needs to not be in his own head so much. The actual performance is…generic. I find him so generic. Generically handsome, generic singer, he works better in a group. Even if he was in a duo, I feel like he would do so much better. Oh those big notes are just not good. He sounds like he is screeching. Thank God my cable went fritzy. Okay so I’m assuming Adam said something because Pharrell is talking about something Adam said. Pharrell agreed with Adam who thinks that Ryan should focus more on rock because it allows for more in his voice. Gwen just thinks that Ryan is a truly special talent.

“Don’t You Worry Child” sung by Jessie Pitts: Blake tells Jessie what she needs to do is reach those big notes. Blake wants her to focus on the story in addition to these notes. Reagan is doing what Jessie does but with way more charisma and maturity. I miss James David Carter. How is this supposed to be happy? It sounds like someone died. God I really, really hate her voice. I really wish James David was saved instead of her. It sounds like nails on the chalkboard to me. Reagan is so much better at this then Jessie is and she’s fifteen! Gwen feels like there is nothing Jessie can do wrong. Adam thinks that Jessie should explore the bigger parts of her voice. Blake is so proud that she has proven herself to be good enough to stayed here. He loves that she is an inventor and is reminded of his wife in her.

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” sung by Damien: Adam is excited to give Damien some grand notes to sing. Damien and Adam bond over being the eldest sibling in both of their families. Damien needs to believe what he is singing in order to make it something special. Why are Damien’s songs always so depressing? The guy has a good voice, but it’s just not for me. I feel like I am saying this about so many contestants this season, but it’s true! Most of these voices are not my cup of tea. I mean I prefer Damien over Mia, but that’s honestly not saying much here. Okay so this final run is kind of impressive: so many big notes. Blake just congratulates them him on the performance and a great, solid song choice. Pharrell isn’t sure who will be prouder of the performance. He waxes rhapsodic about those last few runs. Adam is glad that Damien trusts him enough to do the song and do it as well as he does.

“Creep” sung by DaNica Shirey:  DaNica take us to the church! Pharrell decides that for this song, it needs a special arrangement. They go for a more R&B song that allows for smoother and more memorable delivery. He’s removing all of the alternative rock elements. This could end badly. I’m…I like DaNica and I love her voice. But God I am not sure about this arrangement. Plus those horns are overpowering her voice. I just…I’m unsure how to feel about this. Gwen thinks the way she sings is incredible and shocking. Adam says her problem is that everything she sings will be amazing and her choices are important here. Pharrell feels moved by her song and thinks she did a great job.

“If” sung by Taylor John Williams: The Fray is actually in Taylor’s wheelhouse. It’s actually a perfect choice here. Gwen wants Taylor to take some risks here like staying away from the blues and not be overcomplicated. She doesn’t want him to rush through the song and focus on the simplicity of it. Gwen thinks this will showcase his vocal loveliness. I like Taylor’s voice. I would love to see him sing something with a bit more energy. OhmyGod those CGI butterflies behind him are just a bit too much. I can’t stop laughing at them. This has to be Gwen’s decision here. Oh his falsetto at the end is just bad. Like I heard a prepubescent boy crack there. Adam thinks its good that he is giving off a different vibe and enjoys how elegant and different it was. He is glad that Taylor’s purity of voice came through. Blake thinks that no matter what you move Taylor from there is always a bit of darkness in his voice. Pharrell thinks that Taylor brought some tenderness to the song that is special. Gwen thought it was beautiful and felt like she truly heard his voice.

“It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over” sung by Reagan James: AWWW! Blake got her a cake and flowers! That’s so sweet! Blake gives Reagan free reign into making the song her own. I gotta say I love how Reagan and Blake bond together. I love supportive Blake is to his younger artists. An hour into the show and FINALLY we have a legitimately good performance. Reagan commands the stage and totally loves what she is doing. Her voice is controlled and dynamic and fun. Goddamn that was great. Pharrell love that she vibed with the song and made it her own. Adam loved what she did with the song and made it fun. He felt that her breathier moments were a bit of an issues but not an overly large one. Blake cannot wait to download and listen to this version of the song. He thinks the way she navigated the song was better then a pro and thinks she shows she puts her own stamp on things.

“Thinking Out Loud” sung by Luke Wade: Luke talks about how his family has supported him since coming on the show. I think it’s really, really sweet. Luke is going to go a bit more contemporary rather then classic. Pharrell tells Luke that he shouldn’t be overthinking the song too much. Luke wants to give a dynamic performance to the audience. Pharrell thinks Luke is inventing his own thing. I think there is a little hiccup very early on the performance, like he forgot the lyric? But he recovered from it. It looked like he was overcome with emotion rather then freaking out. He gives this really, really great performance. I love Luke’s voice. I don’t know this song, but damn he’s singing the crap out of it. Luke admitted he went in too early, but he think he did what he gotta do. Adam said that Luke recovered like a professional would recover. He was very, very proud of Luke and said he did the best job. Gwen said that it happened to all of them and made him look more human. She said that people like when that happens and thinks that it was a great performance. Pharrell agreed with Gwen and Adam and believed he rose to the occasion with grace. Luke looks like he’s going to cry. Someone give him a hug.

“Take Me To Church” sung by Matt McAndrew: Such stealth advertising for beats audio! I don’t care. I still love Matt and his tattoos. God he is so hot. Matt is going a bit deeper and more rock then he has before. Adam said that the song is balancing act for Matt because it is relentless. He thinks the song has explosive potential. I literally have nothing to make fun of. This is perfection. God I love Matt and his gorgeous voice. I am buying this song. There is nothing to complain about here because he puts everything into this performance. He took me to church. The audience is screaming and I am too. Blake said that it was amazing. Pharrell just wants Matt’s album already. Gwen thinks that Matt’s songs provide insight for the record he would make. Adam is glad that they turned off the vocal because the audience was screaming so loud. He thinks Matt has won the show.

“You Look So Good In Love” sung by Craig Wayne Boyd: We learn that Blake’s Mom loooves Craig. Blake’s mom I love him, too. Blake gives Craig a classic George Strait song. I know this is a big deal because George Strait is like the pinnacle of classic country. Blake thinks that Craig needs to have bit more faith in his voice and to allow the emotion to come through. The backgrounds are so distracting. Okay focusing on Hot Craig, who sounds sooo good. I love it when more energetic artists go a bit quieter at the right time. I can’t complain. He sounds great and this hot as hell. I’m just going to enjoy it. I’m so glad her grew out his hair. It looks so much better. Gwen loved that he is such a professional and how it feels like Craig is singing to everyone individually. Adam believed this was the perfect moment for Craig to do this song and that the moment was needed. Pharrell is glad that someone like Craig is on the show and can hear Blake’s influence. He loved how clean and professional the performance was. Blake can’t stop smiling and thinks that this is Craig’s second breakout moment on the show.

Jealous” sung by Chris Jamison: Adam wants Chris to have his special moment on the song. Adam thinks that Chris has an innate ability to connect with his audience. Adam wants Chris to wear a tux, which is what he is doing apparently. Adam says he needs to nail his falsetto. I never heard of this song before. This is a nice suit, not really a tux. Again Chris is just generic. Also this song makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s your “right” to be jealous? Screw you. Yeah this is getting muted before I throw something at my television because I want to ride the high of legitimately good performances. I have felt like I have seen way too much purple tonight. Pharrell thinks that Chris has handled this effortless falsetto. Gwen is just impressed at his performance and how loud the girl’s scream. Adam says that Chris is a talented, talented singer and that he had his breakout moment.

“Redemption Song” sung by Anita Antoinette: Anita wants to do a powerful Bob Marley song that she feels is a call to peace. It is important connection to her past in Jamaica. Anita and Gwen search for her sweet spot in her voice and needs her spirit to shine through. She is showing more of her Kingston roots so her story can be shared. This is how you connect with an audience with a softer song. God this was better then Craig’s. It’s just so aching and beautiful. Anita is just a special gift. It’s so aching and lovely. I can’t…perfection. I’m grabbing the tissues here. Adam said that she has to be proud that she did such a good job on such an important song. Blake said that there is something soothing and calming and beautiful about her voice. Gwen said that Bob Marley’s message came through truly from Anita’s voice.

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