What I Wore: Some Tricks and Treats

Hello all! I’m back from the West Coast and missing the sunshine and warm weather. At least I missed the first snow fall! This year I decided to spend All Hallow’s Eve with my best friend Kasey. **Shameless plug: You should totally check her out at www.kaseyskitchen.com !

After weeks of trying to come up with a best-friend centric costume I had an idea. Since I refuse to accept the fact that I’m not a princess and I’m obsessed with having red hair I decided that I wanted to be Ariel. And since Kasey is my friend, she agreed to be Ursula with a few conditions, there had to be a tutu and corset. Easy enough.

I took to the web and found a pretty awesome wig on ebay. It was $14, I may start a wig collection if I can keep finding quality ones that cheap. The costume was the hard part. I am by no means a small girl and they don’t make E-Shells that’s for sure! My joke was that I was starting the Plus Size Mermaid Movement. There really is a lack of mermaid costumes for bigger girls. Why is that? If I want to be Ariel, not wrapped in a ripped sail or day on the town Ariel, but mermaid Ariel, why shouldn’t I be?

I sketched out what I would like my costume to look like and passed the idea along to my friend Catherine, who bless her heart, decided to help! We made the costume without a pattern, and it was time consuming but I think the results were more than desirable!

Kasey and I even managed to get her husband in on the fun! With just some felt, puffy paint, and a glue gun her husband quickly became Ursula’s best accessories: Flotsam and Jetsam! I somehow managed to find a Prince Eric too!


What have been some of your favorite Halloween Costumes? Let us know!