We’re Off To Neverland! Peter Pan Live Teaser Released

Credit: Allison Williams Instagram

Ever since Allison Williams was cast as Peter Pan for NBC’s musical production Peter Pan Live! back in July, people have been talking. The big question, of course, being whether she would be able to genuinely embody the boy who wouldn’t grow up. So when NBC released a first sneak peek at what’s to come, I, as a big Peter Pan fan, could not wait to get my hands – or rather eyes – on it.

In the teaser trailer we get a first look at the different sets used for the production, such as Wendy’s room, Hook’s ship and Neverland, all of which look colorful and bright, and we even get a little sneak peek at Peter floating through the bedroom. In an interview with NBC Today Allison admitted that her biggest fear was that the flying itself would not look seamless but judging from the trailer, she has no reason to be nervous. Williams looks agile, light-footed and petite. While her appearance is not necessarily overly masculine, the long-haired, girly vibe that we are so used to from her Girls character Marnie, is long gone. I am impressed with how well the wig seems to work for her. All in all I believe that critics will be pacified, at least for now.

We also get a look at Christoper Walken’s Captain Hook as he claims to be the “greatest villain of all time”. While he is certainly not as devilishly attractive as Colin O’Donoghue, I do not doubt his ability to bring the devious Captain to life.

Furthermore we get to hear a little bit of the highly anticipated ‘I Won’t Grow Up’ performance. Allison Williams showed off her musical talent in previous Girls episodes, but I wasn’t sure if she was ready to carry a whole musical production. The trailer eased my mind a little, but we will have to wait for the full spectacle to be able to judge.

Catch Peter Pan Live! on Dec. 4th at 8/7 CT on NBC.

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