We’re Going Back To The Land Of Stories: Chris Colfer Agrees Multi Book Deal

We're Going Back To The Land Of Stories: Chris Colfer Agrees Multi Book Deal
Credit: Little, Brown


Great news for fans of Glee’s Chris Colfer: he has agreed a ‘multi-book’ deal with publishing company Little, Brown and Company which will see him releasing books into 2016 at least.

Didn’t we say he’d be one to watch after the end of Glee?!

Little, Brown said today (November 24th) that Colfer will take us back to The Land of Stories for two more instalments of his hugely successful story franchise, with the fourth book arriving in July 2015 and the fifth in July 2016. Both books are currently untitled.

Added to that, the star has also agreed to write two picture books based on The Land of Stories and two companion volumes to the series that will be released as part of a holiday box set scheduled for release next year.

We're Going Back To The Land Of Stories: Chris Colfer Agrees Multi Book Deal
Credit: Tumblr

If you think all that sounds like more than enough to keep Colfer busy after the end of Glee, think again. Not only will he be filming for his central role in the upcoming Noel Coward biopic, Noel (working title), he will also be writing another book for teens.

Described as “a coming of age story about a young actor and his fans” the as yet untitled novel will see the central character taking a “once in a lifetime cross-country road trip.”

The Land of Stories series has proven a hugely successful step away from Glee for the star. Colfer has shown a huge talent for writing books that easily sit with great children’s literary classics. The full run of five stories will see central characters, twins Alex and Conner, growing with his audience, many of whom were middle school pupils when the series began will be well into high school when the fifth book is released. As many a Harry Potter fan can testify, it really is something quite special to be able to grow up with some of your favourite literary characters and not have to leave them behind.

As for the teen novel, Chris Colfer has already demonstrated his ability to write for that age group with Struck by Lightning, his novel and film which showcased his dry wit perfectly.

January will see the start of the sixth and final season of Glee, where as one of the central characters, Kurt Hummel, Chris Colfer has portrayed a ground breaking young gay character and of course, he has been one half of ‘Klaine,’ one of the most beloved TV pairings ever seen, opposite Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson.

A firm favourite here at 4YE, how wonderful to see that Chris Colfer’s star will continue to shine brightly in the literary world for a long time to come.