‘The Voice’ Season Seven Top 10 Take the Stage for the Best Performances of the Season

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Welcome everyone to The Voice Top 10!

I got to tell you. I have a fairly good feeling about this week. This is mainly because my two least favorites went home last week.

So I don’t have to sit through them week after week going, ‘Why America Why?” over and over again.

I really hate when that happens.

So enough about me babbling let’s see how tonight goes!

Rascal Flatts Medley: Will I know these songs? Vaguely. I wonder how they decided on Rascal Flatts. My bet is that there was a coach rock paper scissor death match and Blake won. Or drinking contest. I will not be surprised either way. So far it sounds good: Anita, Regan, and DaNica sound amazingly great together. See? Ryan Sills is so much better in a group! But God the harmonies are so bad. The ladies had harmonized so much better then the gentlemen.

“Fix You” sung by Matt McAndrew: PATRICK STUMP! OhmyGod I love him so much you guys. My soul is crying out in joy because he is just wonderful. Yes. I’m a Fall Out Boy fan. Why do you ask? Adam and Patrick basically give Matt a class in working the stage. And I must admit the actual song is pulled flawlessly. The song showcases Matt’s range. I like how easily he switches from the light, airy voice to the big full voice to bring it home. I am definitely a fan of Matt. Blake loves Matt and said Matt jumping into the audience gave him a heart attack. Pharrell thinks that Matt’s star continues to grow. Gwen thought the song showed the kind of artist Matt could be. She thought it was amazing. Adam feels the Matt does are extremely humble and loved how in control Matt is of himself.

“Let Her Go” sung by Anita Antoinette: Gwen had invited Christina Aguilera to come help her coach. They’ve decided to take an indie song and make it more reggae. Gwen and Anita sing together to help her with the melody. I never understand when they start talking before the singing starts. I liked the performance, but this is such a sad song. I don’t know why it sounds so happy. I like it, but I would like to see her do something different. Blake loves how the audience feeds off her energy and recognized the song. Pharrell thinks that Anita is growing as an artist and loves how she is just having the time of her life. Gwen loves that Anita just took over the song and loves her look tonight. She feels like Anita is giving a different vibe.

“You and I” sung by Damien: Damien’s hometown in Louisiana is super proud of it. Adam gives Damien a Stevie Wonder song that he adores. He thinks that Damien needs to put the emotion in it because of the simplicity. Patrick says to make sure that he doesn’t constrict his airflow on the larger notes. And Patrick Stump knows about some big damn notes. I am getting really tired of these sad, slow songs. I always so depressed when Damien leaves the stage. It’s not that he doesn’t handle it well, but God make him do something fun. The song is the same type of song we’ve heard from Damien several times before. Pharrell thinks that Damien’s family must be so happy for him. He thinks Damien’s hometown must be losing their minds right now. Adam felt the entire audience get on board with him in the performance.

“Fancy” sung by Reagan James: Colbie Caillat is Blake’s advisor for the week. Together they do the song that Reagan covered a few weeks ago. Reagan decides to strip down Iggy Azalea’s song. Colbie thinks that the song sounds too sweet and should go for an electric guitar versus acoustic. Blake says Reagan’s verses need to be stronger then the chorus. It’s all about Reagan focusing on the structure of the song over anything else. The start is honestly a bit shaky, but during the faster parts is when she shines. She definitely made sure to have a handle on the song. At the least, she is consistently interesting in her choices. It wasn’t her best, but she is going to move on another week. Adam thinks that the coolest thing is how committed she was to it. He loved seeing Reagan do that. Blake thinks that Adam said it perfectly. Blake knows how hard it was for her to do and make it perfect. She stayed in the pocket and that she did two people’s jobs in one performance.

“Try A Little Tenderness” sung by Luke Wade: OHMYGOD IT’S DIANA ROSS! Queen! She is the Queen. Diana wants Luke’s interpretation to shine through and thinks Luke could sing anything. Out of the soul singers, I prefer Luke. He just makes me so happy when I see him. I love how he tries different things. God he is killing this song. After last week, this is Luke marking his ground. It’s perfection. I can’t complain. Nothing about this performance is wrong. Gwen thought it was really cool how Luke broke it down. She loves how Luke had worked the stage. Adam declares that Luke is back from his rough moment. He is glad that Luke is thriving and loves the marriage that Pharrell created there between the music. Pharrell said that his expectations were exceeded tonight.

“I Walk The Line” sung by Craig Wayne Boyd: Craig likes Colbie’s heart and soul into her music. Craig has made this classic Johnny Cash song into a ballad. He reveals that he has had a rough past but turned it around for his son. Blake thinks he is a outlaw heart throb. Blake doesn’t think that it should build and build to the end. It’s important to get diversity with his sound. Blake and Craig are also wearing a replica of deceased mutual friend’s necklace for the performance. I dig it. I’m not sure how I feel about all the extra flair but I love Craig’s emotional honesty. He just has such a great rough voice. My country friend says that she thinks that this would be an outlaw country kind of interpretation and respects it. Pharrell loved the song. Gwen thinks that Craig could have a real, serious career after this. Adam thinks that Craig has gotten crazy, crazy talented in the interim. Blake is just so proud of Craig.

“Starlight” sung by Ryan Sill: Gwen feels like she can see what kind of record Ryan will make. Ryan is probably not going to last long. Christina and Gwen thinks Ryan should show a bit dimension to his voice. I like the stage here. Ryan sounds okay. I hate being a broken record. He’s just so damn generic. And the saves never last long except that extra week. It’s really being here on borrowed time. He’s trying, but I am honestly just not feeling it that much. Adam believes that Ryan is figuring himself out but still pulls through. Blake feels like this was Ryan’s best performance yet. Pharrell also agrees and feels like it was interesting to watch his journey. He feels that Ryan is most improved. Gwen thinks that he is progressing every week and that she had to fight for the song. She feels like it was well worth it.

“I Have Nothing” sung by DaNica Shirey: She gives Clive Davis an impromptu performance which he loves. Diana Ross gets DaNica to focus on the note together. DaNica is just freaking out about everything. I feel like I have heard this song way too much on a bunch of singing competitions. I mean DaNica is killing it, but God I am just tired of this song. No disrespect to Whitney she is a gift. But how about we do “How Will I Know” or something not ‘I Have Nothing’ or ‘I Will Always Love You’ you know? Mix it up! But DaNica kills it. Gwen feels like DaNica just keeps getting better and can do no wrong. Adam said that the chips were stacked against her and that she did something impressive with it. Blake believes that this is one of the best Live Shows he has ever seen. He thinks that DaNica killed the song. Pharrell said that she just had to believe and that she keeps ascending.

“Come Together” sung by Taylor John Williams: Taylor wants to do something different for his song. Gwen and Christina say that this is a song that requires a commitment from him. He needs a character and a bit of rasp in his voice. Christina thinks that he could through in some adlibs. I am really digging the hell out of this song. My friend is having an epiphany about the Taylor John Williams hype. He’s just great. I’m with Blake this has been a really good night. He’s killed that song. Adam loved that song and how much ass he kicked on it. He loved the energy that Taylor put into his song. Blake was glad to see Taylor smiling as he sang and having fun. He likes seeing that. Pharrell thought that was a crazy performance and that it was a ‘rock star’ moment for him. Gwen was glad that she went with the song and loved how cute he is right now.

“Uptown Funk” sung by Chris Jamison: Adam feels like Chris still has a lot of unused potential. He needs to put some cockiness into his voice. Patrick says that he shouldn’t over pronounce the song and slur. Chris needs to find his entertaining confidence. I’m more impressed by the actual song then Chris. I really want to find this song to own. I love the beat like hell. And it’s just so cool. Chris is working the stage. I think this bought him another week. I like this a lot more then I did last week. Not a fan but good this has way more personality then Ryan does. Blake loved that Big Bang atmosphere and how he kept up with that energy level. Pharrell thought it was great and that he wanted it. Gwen loved his command and naturalness of the stage. Adam loves how unafraid Chris was to do something different and special.

Bec Heim