The Voice Recap: Team Adam and Team Blake Kick Off Season Seven Live Shows

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

And we’re Live!

That’s right, folks! This week the Live Rounds start on The Voice. The coaches have narrowed their teams down to five members.

Now it’s the Playoffs.

In past season, the Playoffs are were we get everything narrowed down to the Top 12 through audience voting and one final coach saved. When I say “in the past” it’s because the show usually has like one major change each season. And I haven’t seen one yet.

Or maybe they’ve found a stable formula that the producers liked, who knows?

Anyway this is the Lives.

So let’s see how they did.

Carson immediately throws out the twist I was waiting for. They really want the show’s app to do well. So, they’re making it so viewers can vote with the app first. Wow. This just sounds kind of not right?

“Animals” by Maroon 5: I really don’t like this song. I don’t know. It’s just nothing interesting for me here. It feels generic. So I’m pretty much bored watching this.

“Long Time Gone” sung by Taylor Brashears: Apparently people have been coming around the food truck more to look for her. Blake focuses on getting a more traditional sound out of Taylor. He suggests that Taylor should get out her fiddle. Wow. This is actually really good. I mean I’m digging the hell out of this. I feel the volume on her mic is really soft though. Still, I love the hell out of this beat. I love how Taylor utterly owns the stage. I really dig that old school sound in her voice. I think Blake coaxed it out really well. My country-loving friend seems to approve. Pharrell loves that she goes with nostalgic and that she feels different from what is going on now. Gwen is shocked at how comfortable Taylor was on the stage and her effortless. She was surprised by the tattoo. (So was Blake apparently.) Adam loves her confidence and that she owns the stage. Blake loves how her personality and her sound blend together when she sing.

“Don’t” sung by Chris Jameson: He’s glad that people are enjoying what he is doing so far. He went from 900 Twitter followers to 9,000. Adam gives him an Ed Sheeran song that is fast paced. Chris is worried about his breathing during the song. Adam tells him that the mellower Chris is the easier the song will come out. Also do cardio. Now I really like this song. Ed Sheeran is also an artist I get weirdly protective over. So I admit that I may be more judgmental here then usual. What is up with the mics tonight? I mean is it me? It sounds so muffled and quiet. Someone should really fix that. Blake is impressed that Chris kept up with the song’s fast pace. He just only says ‘great job’. Pharrell said that he thought Chris did a great job but did hear a moment when his breathing went wacky. That, though, is more do to Ed’s style of singing. Gwen likes the song, but is more impressed by his performance. She likes how Chris worked the stage and made it his own space while keeping up. Adam loved his super controlled and balance voice and how he owns it.

“Holding Out For A Hero” sung by Jessie Pitts: Did Lucky Charms really send a clear box of marshmallow only cereal? I love it. Of course Blake ate it all. They do a slow cover of it, which can be really amazing. Jessie and Blake talk about her range and adding some more long notes. Blake thinks that Jessie could be like Lorde. Wait. I know this cover! This is the same type of cover that was on the new Footloose soundtrack. I mean yeah there are some differences but I can hear it clearly. The girl who sang that cover should be here, she was so much better. I’m sorry but I just can’t get into Jessie’s voice. I usually like indie voices, but it feels like she should be country rather then what she is doing. Pharrell thinks Jessie can find the sweet spot of a pocket and let it all out. Gwen tries to be mad but can’t because of how good it is. Adam thinks that Jessie has had her moment and is amazing. Blake thinks that Jessie is completely original and that she took an intimate moment and made it communal.

“Two of a Kind Workin’ on a Full House” sung by James David Carter: James Daivd wants to combine Garth Brooks, who he feels combines country and rock in an interesting way. Blake wants James David to find his own moments in the song and not do a straight cover. He wants to do Garth justice. I have no snark to offer. I’m not a country fan. I’m not a Garth Brroks fan. But God do I love this song and this cover. James just sings the hell out of this. I love that it is no muss, no fuss, and straightforward. It’s excellent. James David is just amazing and my country loving friend cries in joy. Pharrell loves it, especially the ending. Gwen loves how James can use his whole face to work the room to his advantage. DID HE JUST CALL HER MISS GWEN?! Oh my God. I am fanning myself. Blake thinks all of his experience is adding James David in his whole performances for the show.

“God Only Knows” sung by Matt McAndrew: Matt is singing the ‘Mozart’ of songs, according to him and Adam. Yeah. I can agree to this. I remember this song a lot growing up. Adam thinks that Matt could use his glassy and airy voice to his advantage here. Matt sounds amazing here. I just love his voice. I can’t describe it, but there is something so perfect here. Aww. They cut to his mom tearing up in the audience. Matt is just so respectful and loving every moment he is on stage. This is just a really great cover and performance. I am totally behind this. Blake absolutely loved it and thought Matt killed it. Blake loves how Matt orchestrates it. Pharrell thinks he did Brian Wilson a service with this cover that everyone is pleased. Gwen feels like she is getting to know him through his performance. Adam is just so pleased he has an artist like Matt on his team and thinks he is special talent.

“Try” sung by Reagan James: Reagan is taking Gwen’s advice to heart about not trying so hard and to do something daring. Blake wants her to focus on her breathing and her pitch. She also needs not to overly push herself for the song. It needs to feel natural and be natural. I really like this song. I never heard of it before. Reagan herself is just stunning. I love her voice. I can’t believe she is only fifteen, almost sixteen. She is just so vulnerable and how such control over her voice. Her breaths got away from her a bit, but I can forgive it. The overall performance is amazing. Pharrell loves how seamless and effortless Reagan is. Gwen was worried about the guitar but thought it was a great choice. Blake thinks Reagan is an important artist and is blown away by her youth. He thanks her for bringing her talent to the show.

“Cool Kids” sung by Taylor Phelan: Oh! Oh I know this song! I really like this song. Taylor and Adam are trying to capture the magic of his Blind Audition with this song. In theory, this should work. In practice? It doesn’t work at all. I’m sorry the actual song is very airy and a bit techno. It needs that kind of sound in order for it to work. This? This is just baaaaad to me. I do not like it or want it. Also take out that ascot, Taylor. You are not Fred from Scooby Doo. I do not like it at all. Pharrell is so proud of Taylor and thinks he showed people why they should buy his future album. Gwen loves that she is seeing a new performance of Taylor’s hypothetical concert each time. Adam loves that Taylor just keeps getting better each time and they get something new. He cannot believe that Taylor was dropped from Pharrell’s team.

“Young and Beautiful” sung by Mia Pfirrman: Adam gives a darker and more indie song. “Young and Beautiful” is one of my favorite songs of all time. Soooo….This has potential to blow up in my eardrums. Immediately, Adam warns her off embellishment or overly embellishing it. This song is Adam’s way of making Mia take a risk with her performances. Yeah. I don’t just hate this cover she is doing. I loathe it. Look, the reason why the song is so great is because it’s supposed to be quiet and soft and vulnerable. What does she do? Immediately, Mia sings it too loud, too long, and embellishes. I’m not saying that it should be EXACTLY like the original but dammit keep it in mind. Oh thank God it’s so over. Blake loves how haunting it is and how in pain Mia seemed. Pharrell loved that Mia has grown and how amazing she sounded. Adam thinks this is a girl who can sing everything and loves hearing the tone of her voice. He is amazed by her and what she just did.

“I’m Not The Only One” sung by Damien: Okay. So I didn’t see Adam and Damien’s session because my cable fritzed out on me for a few minutes. Thankfully, I didn’t have a panic attack and it came back on. If this was Hot Craig singing, then I would have been pissed. Damien has never been my favorite artist. He is waay too breathy. Like dude, don’t take huge gasps into your mic. You pull that shit back and breathe. I hate it when people get overly breathy. The song itself is just okay. Blake loves that Damien has the ability to combine a soft, smooth voice with power and range. Pharrell loves how Damien’s voice transitions easily from his head voice to his chest voice. Gwen thinks that the truth in his voice speaks to everyone because the audience loves him. She feels blessed after that performance. Adam loves Pharrell’s reactions to the song. I think Pharrell kind of pops up like a prairie dog when he sees something he likes. Has anyone made a meme of that? Someone should do that.

“Some Kind Of Wonderful” sung by Craig Wayne Boyd: Thank God. Hot Craig is here to close out the night. God Hot Craig grew out his hair a bit more and looks wonderfully hot. Oh my God look at those arms. The show has changed his life a lot and feels like this is something special for him and his song. Blake loves how Craig just attacks the song. Blake wants Craig to have his moment on the show and kill it. FINALLY! I was feeling bored since Reagan left the stage. Craig is killing this. This is so in his wheelhouse. I love his growly voice while he sings. God bless this man. He and James David are totally going onto the Top 12. Pharrell is thrilled that Craig has stayed on that path and loves what he and Blake are doing together. Gwen thought he looked amazing and had his moment. Blake calls it the performance of the night and absolutely adores it. He loves the power and muscle in Craig’s vocals.

Bec Heim