The Voice Knock Outs for Season 7 Finish: Who Does Blake Steal?

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Hello all! Welcome to the final round of the knock outs here on The Voice!

Tonight the final artists heading to the live rounds shall be decided. So far, the teams are actually shaping up to be somewhat interesting.

Now the only coach with a steal left is Blake. So whom shall he choose?

It’s going to be whoever is in the last pairing of the night, let’s be honest here people.

 “Sing Wagon” sung by Allison Bray versus “Landslide” sung by Taylor Brashears: I’m rooting for Taylor Brashears here. I never really dug Allison’s vibe and unfortunately my cable cuts out so I have no clue what Tay Swift told her along with Blake. But it’s back! Taylor goes to her soft and smokey voice to show her diversity. Blake thinks that she is really trying to impress him and she needs to make it her own. Tay tells Taylor that she needs to focus on people in the audience to focus her emotion on them. Allison sounds a bit out of breath. And I know this Dixie Chicks song. I hate to be that type of person but I think they sing it better. She just sounds continuously out of breath. Taylor, conversely, is pitch perfect and in control. I love how she absolutely controls her voice, her runs, and her big moments. It’s gorgeous and makes a rather over-sung song special in that moment. Pharrell says he always wanted Taylor but has felt like he couldn’t figure out Allison. He tells Blake to go with what he wants that is unique in the team. Gwen felt like Allison’s tone is special but her notes at the end got shouty. She loves Taylor’s control over her tasteful vocals. She picks Taylor. Adam felt like Allison blew him away with her song choice and how she handled it. He picks Allison. Blake says Taylor has an authentic country sound but he loves Allison’s ability to project and did hear the shouting thing. The winner is TAYLOR BRASHEARS!


“Miss Independent” sung by Ryan Sill versus “Too Little, Too Late” sung by Beth Spangler: I have never heard of the song that Ryan has picked for this thing. Taylor loves his masculine yet accessible approach to the sound. Gwen says that Ryan needs a bit more swag to his song. Taylor gives him some advice about body language and being comfortable on stage. Oh it’s leather overall lady again. Gwen focuses on the fact that Beth tends to over-sing sometimes. Taylor says that she needs to stop hitting it all the time. They decide to take it down a note for Beth to try a warmer sound. I don’t see either of these people lasting long in the lives. Ryan’s performance is good. I don’t know the song well, but he does have a nice tone to his voice. Oh Beth. I know you’re trying. I just feel like you are trying too hard. Neither of these two is honestly ready for the lives. There’s that over-singing big note they talked about. Adam felt like Beth chose the best song for herself. He also loved Ryan’s ease with the rhythm and tone in his voice. He picks Ryan. Blake says that Ryan throws his runs and that Beth spotlights them. He says it is a dead tie. Pharrell also feels like it is a dead tie for him. He can hear Beth’s style in her voice but feels like Ryan focuses more on his singing. Pharrell thinks it’s about who Gwen wants to invest her time in. The winner is RYAN SILLS!


“Chandelier” sung by Jean Kelley versus “Could You Be Loved?” sung by Menlik Zergabachew: It’s the battle of the second chances on Team Pharrell. Jean wants to sing a song that means something to her. Taylor says from note one she could hear a game-changer in her voice. Pharrell can hear it in her voice as well. Taylor loved the choice and says that Jean made a great decision by going soft and quiet then going big. Jean wants to commit to being raw and vulnerable. The main problem with Menlik is about working the stage. Pharrell wants him to keep his eyes open and command the stage. He also wants him to find the story in the song. Menlik is a great singer but he’s closing his eyes while he’s singing again. He should not being that. Also he’s not really working the stage. He’s just kind of awkwardly bouncing to the beat? Jean’s performance is rather stunning. No jokes. It’s actually legitimately beautiful. I would be shocked if she doesn’t win this round. Gwen loved how Jean mixed styles and just made the song her own. She also thought that Menlik showed a lot of growth in his vocals. Adam loves Jean’s potent notes and Menlik’s power but it needs to be more consistent. Blake loves Jean’s dramatics and did love how Menlik performs. The winner is JEAN KELLEY!


“Your Body Is A Wonderland” sung by Blessing Offor versus “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” sung by Chris Jameson: Adam loves Blessing’s “beautiful sound.” Taylor thinks he has a great presence and sound to his voice. Adam suggests some minor vocal tweaks to make the song Blessing’s own. Chris doesn’t really get a lot of notes, but I don’t like the falsetto for the song. In the actual performance, Chris has a great groove to his voice, but still not a huge fan of falsetto. It’s pretty good overall. Blessing is just…generic. This is a boring knock out. Blake loves Chris’ voice and thinks there is something special about Blessing. Pharrell says that Blessing captivated the audience but there is places where he was pitchy. He would give it to Chris. Gwen felt like it was so interesting because of how Blessing changed the song. But she loved how Chris made the song his own. The winner is CHRIS JAMESON!

Okay so it looks like we’re skipping over some Knock Outs.

Weird…but alright. I would rather  have seen Matt’s battle.



“Apologize” sung by Grant Ganzer versus “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops)” sung by Reagan James: Did this guy get skipped over twice? I don’t know anything about him. Grant wants to show his lower register and his technical skill. Blake thinks his lower register fills the room and that the falsetto needs to hit the mark. Taylor loves that Grant is connecting with them. Reagan wants to do a straight up R&B song. Taylor thinks that Reagan and her song selection show her maturity. Taylor says that Reagan needs to find her moments to shine with her notes. Blake thinks she needs to focus on her enunciation. Reagan’s confidence is absolutely amazing on this level. She is so freakishly self-possessed that she utterly owns it. Her vocals in the song are also good, but she needs to work on her bigger moments a bit more. Grant is…generic. I’m sorry. He’s just so boring. Pharrell says he can hear that one special note with Grant’s voice but loves Reagan’s swagger. He picks Reagan. Gwen says that she can also hear that diamond in the rough quality for Grant. She can’t believe that Reagan is fifteen and kind of wants her to look like she’s fifteen. Adam loves that Grant is earnest and developing himself still. He thinks Reagan is mind blowing. The winner is REAGAN JAMES!


“Rude” sung by Anita Antoinette versus “Can’t You See” by Craig Wayne Boyd: YES YES YES HOT CRAIG IS BACK! I mean I like Anita a fair bit but I am in love with Hot Craig. Gwen likes how Anita is projecting and wants her to use her Jamaican accent. She wants her to go further with her voice. Craig goes to his Gospel roots. Don’t worry baby! Blake wants you back! Gwen loves his natural professionalism and thinks he could be more dynamic. Taylor wants him to perform the song rather then simply sing it. Taylor wants Craig to take them to church. Gwen wants to make over Craig. OHMYGOD HOT CRAIG WITH HIS SON! Blake is stealing Craig back. I hope that he puts Craig back into his fringe jacket. Anita sings the crap out of her song. She has a lot of honest fun in her performance. It’s so much fun. I miss Craig’s fringed jacket and beard. I hope Blake vetos these choices when he takes him back. Craig still sounds really good. I love how he is working the room and trying to take the lessons from Taylor and Gwen to heart. Is that a chain? Craig is not a chain guy. Adam said that he loves seeing this new Anita and thinks that Craig oozed masculinity. Blake describes Craig as the girl he broke up and regrets doing it. He thinks Craig has never looked so hot. He thought he did a great job. Anita also did a great job and Blake loves how she performed the song. Pharrell loves Anita’s control notes and Craig’s growls and presence. The winner is ANITA ANTOINETTE! BLAKE STEALS CRAIG WAYNE BOYD!

Bec Heim