The Phantom of the Opera is Here…on Your TV Sets?

The Phantom of the Opera

Book to film or stage to film adaptations have taken over the big screen, so it seems only natural that the next step is to take some weight off of the movie industry and to share some material with television. On the tails of the news of Monster in Law, Marley & Me and Hitch coming to TV sets, DigitalSpy reports that The Phantom of the Opera will be the next big thing to hit the small screen.

Glee fans there is no need to fret, as this will not be another musical television show. The series will instead be an interpretation of the Gaston Leroux novel that later inspired Andrew Lloyd Webbers musical. The show will be penned by Tony Krantz and produced by Endemol Studios, reports Deadline.

The television series will be a considerable departure from the source material as it will modernize the story by setting it in the 20th century, rather than in the 19th. Like the classic, however, it will take place in France. DigitalSpy describes the show as “a drama that includes sex, murder and mystery in the Jazz Age.” Intrigued? We are. The story will follow a British WWI fighter pilot who has been burned severely one on half of his body, who becomes intertwined in a string of murders capable of taking down the world leaders of the city.

Krantz toled DigitalSpy ” The opportunity to write and produce a story of love, murder and intrigue at the dawn of the New World, interpreted through the eyes of such a master, is quite simply anyone’s dream come true.”

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Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues