Sleepy Hollow: The Heartless Succubus Uncovers Our Deepest Desires

Credit: FOX

As some of you may or may not know, I absolutely love Succubi, so this episode was right up my alley, (aka. I was super excited) and as per usual it did not disappoint, although it did kind of freak me out, but we’ll get to that.

Anyway, this week on Sleepy Hollow:

Reality TV Time…Ichabod and Katrina have some husband and wife bonding time by arguing over which couple should have gotten together on the tv show they were watching. However, during their quiet time Katrina brings up the fact that she is sorry for keeping secrets from Ichabod all season, and hopes to rebuild their relationship and the trust that was lost. Abbie breaks up the cuddle fest by sharing her fears of Henry’s next move.

The Beat of My Heart…Well we did not have to wait long to see Henry’s next move. He says a spell over a disgusting beating heart, and all of a sudden a hot naked demon woman appears. (How exciting..I like her). The She-demon as I am going to call her for a bit transforms into a person’s deepest desire and then sucks out their life force. However, every time she gets a victim she transforms from hot she-demon to mini-satan.

Headless Bitching…Abraham complains to Henry about how he would like to go get Katrina back. Henry chastises Abraham, stating it is no longer part of Moloch’s plan, and Abraham goes to wallow in a corner. Then the she-demon deposits the essence of her victims into a glowing red jar, lovely.

Research Time…Katrina, Ichabod, and Abbie get down to some research to find out who exactly the monster is this week. However, Abbie quickly gets annoyed with Ichabod’s easily distracted self (thanks Katrina). Abbie learns that the she-demon has taken her second victim, and decides to go ask Hawley for some help.

Longer’s Beware…Abbie ends up blowing up Hawley’s halfhearted drink offer, which triggers Hawley to go wallow in self-pity with two new girls. However, that lasts all of two seconds when the she-demon spots him. Abbie discovers that the demon is a succubus and it feeds on secret desires, since they burn the brightest. (Well crap).

Dynamic Duo’s…Ichabod and Abbie end up saving Hawley, who is so over this supernatural stuff. Ichabod points out that the creature is after those with secret desires, which Hawley attempts to brush off (Longing looks at Abbie, anyone?). Ichabod attempts to wingman Hawley by bringing him up to Abbie, and Abbie DOES NOT DENY SHE IS INTERESTED, but says they don’t have time for that kind of thing. (Sad day).

Moloch Baby…Katrina has visions of Henry standing over a demonic baby in a crib, which turns out to be Moloch. They learn that the succubus is collecting energy for the baby completing the ritual from the last episode (wonderful). Abbie and Katrina have a mindless cat fight, and then everyone learns that in order to destroy the succubus you must destroy its heart.

Final Battle…Ichabod/Hawley go off to find the succubus, while Katrina and Abbie go off to destroy the heart. Abbie and Katrina bond, and Ichabod ends up with the she-demon all alone (idiot). Lucky for him Hawley is there to save the day, and Abbie is able to destroy the heart just in time for Ichabod to shoot the Succubus.

Too Late…Then there is serious doe eyes between Abbie and Hawley when they bandage him up, and Katrina decides to go back to spying on Abraham and Henry. However, it seems the entire gang is unaware that they are too late, as Katrina is introduced to a tiny human baby that is actually Moloch. (Womp womp).

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