Rob Lowe, Rashida Jones and Jon Hamm All Set to Bid ‘Parks and Rec’ Farewell

Parks And Rec Lines Up Returning Guest Stars For Final Season Including Rob Lowe and Rashisa Jones
Credit: NBC


It’s almost time for us to bid Pawnee farewell, and some familiar faces are set to return as we say goodbye to Parks and Rec.

With its seventh and final season (sob!) due to premiere early next year, the show has announced that not only will Jon Hamm return, but Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones will also make a return guest appearance.

Chris and Ann departed the town of Pawnee midway through season six when they relocated to be closer to Ann’s parents in Michigan. To be honest, I’m still not over it. Jones did return briefly later on in the season, after Ann had given birth to baby Oliver, but it wasn’t nearly enough for me!

Executive Producer Mike Schur had already hinted that Lowe and Jones were on his wish list for returning stars, saying: “We made a list of people that we needed to see back one more time. We didn’t get everybody we wanted, because some people had other obligations. But a lot of the people we were hoping to see one more time — we managed to make that happen.”

According to TVLine, the pair are slated to appear in one episode. Can I get an Amen for this wonderful piece of news?!

Another star who will be returning is Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, who will reprise his utterly hilarious role as the world’s most incompetent employee, Ed.

His prior appearance was only brief, showing up in the season six finale when the action jumped forward by three years. Leslie actually fired Ed because somehow, and I really don’t know how, Ed was a worse employee than even Larry.

“If I have my way, every episode where you see events that take place before that moment will include a shot of him doing something insanely incompetent,” showrunner Mike Schur told EW, which sounds just as brilliantly barmy as we’ve come to expect from the team that created Ron Swanson, possibly one of the greatest TV characters ever.

No exact return date has been set for Parks and Rec yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we know for sure.