Revenge Recap: Emily Does Some ‘Damage’ This Week

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This weeks episode of Revenge is all about David’s big interview (and his big secrets). Of course the episode kicks off with Emily having her best friend, who doubles as her IT guy, to hack into the police system to find her father’s psychiatric assessment. What Nolan finds, unsurprisingly, is alarming. David is documented as having complex PTSD, but the wounds on his back hint at something more severe. Emily has an instinct, which Nolan is quick to dismiss. For once, we can’t help but feel Nolan is wrong.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is kidnapped yet again, this time by someone looking to get a hold of David. Lucky for Charlotte, she has better upper body strength than we would think. She swings a chair, fights back, and ultimately leaves her kidnapper dead on the floor. Good going, Charlotte. Good going. Funny enough, this is not the most shocking part of this situation. The younger Grayson opts to call Emily instead of 911, to help her clean up her mess. Remember when you tried to kill her, Charlotte? Apparently not.

On the topic of unfortunate things, Ben is still around. Every time we see his face, we can’t help but think “shhhh.”  He’s going to get both Jack and Emily in trouble, and it’s making us very anxious. If there was ever a good plot device to keep us on our toes, it’s having Ben and David around with their unpredictable nature.

In better news, the only romance left, Daniel and Margaux, are still going strong. Margaux doesn’t bat an eye at the story Louise has printed on page 6. However, Victoria does. We are still trying to figure out what Louise is playing at, and we are one step closer. In a weird alternate situation, Louise fantasizes that Victoria embrace her and treat her like her own daughter. When the situation plays out in real time Victoria is a lot colder, visually upsetting Louise. We are wondering if Louise longs for Victoria as a mother figure, or has romantic feelings towards her. Victoria doesn’t really have anything else to deal with anyways…right?

The best moment of the night goes to when Victoria approaches Daniel about Louise. Victoria begs Daniel to steer clear of the woman since she is mentally imbalanced, to which Daniel responds “so she’s a friend of yours.”

It’s so nice to like Daniel again.

In other news, Nolan and David’s scenes are quickly becoming out favourite. Their exchange in the previous episode warmed our hearts, and it has been very interesting to finally understand what their relationship was like before David’s disappearance. Our hearts did a little jump when David visited Nolan this time around. You truly feel the love and admiration these two have for one another. We couldn’t help but “aww” when David invited Nolan to come to his live interview.

And then what we all feared happened.

There had been some hints that David was skeptical about Nolan but nothing could have prepared us for the craziness that ensued during David’s interview. On live television David accuses Nolan of stealing the money he gave him for Amanda putting Nolan in a very sticky situation. No matter how loudly we screamed “tell him the truth” at the screen, Nolan refused to divulge that Amanda Clarke is just as alive as David himself.

As if we weren’t heartbroken already, David decided to follow up his live attack with another visit to Nolan. This time, it’s a lot less friendly. The confrontation ends with Nolan struggling to keep what he knows to himself and getting thanked with a punch in the face.

Nolan needs a hug.

Why does the unfortunate genius always end up with the short end of the stick? Can we hug Nolan? We’d appreciate him. Of course, regardless what life throws at him, Nolan continues to be his bad ass self. His ability to ration in the crazy situations he finds himself in, is astonishing. He manages to turn around and understand that he can’t blame David for his outburst. This is all the consequences of Emily’s lies.

Once again, Nolan sheds some light on the situation. However, more surprisingly, Emily is thinking rationally too. Our favourite Emily is back this week – the smart one. Impulsive and desperate Emily Thorne tends to not think and land herself in bad situations, but once her smarts kick in we are reminded just why we root for her. Emily takes a little field trip to where David claims to have stayed under Conrad’s authority, uncovering a slight mistep. This mis-step proves to Emily that her father staged the quarters where he claims to have stayed hostage, which makes her think he is lying about a whole lot more.

This is everything we wanted out of this season and more. What, pray tell, is going to happen next week on this show?

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