One Direction Releases A Series Of Teasers For “Night Changes”


One Direction
Courtesy of hitfix

One Direction have released more teasers for the video of “Night Changes”, the second single from their last album Four.  The video’s theme is the experience of being on a date with each of the boys. The scenes are shot from the other person’s perspective, with the boys looking straight down the camera.

In the five days leading up to the video’s release date (November 21) five teasers, each featuring a “date” with either Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn or Liam has been released. For those of you who haven’t yet recovered from Zayn’s brooding stare boring through your souls in his clip, just wait until you see what’s next.

The scene with Harry Styles is on a skating rink, with Harry pouting down the camera and laughing as he flips his coat. Sigh.

Louis’ scene is a stroll by the lake, with Louis being overrun by a flock of pigeons (it’s more romantic than it sounds, trust me).

Liam’s scene is at a funfair, and the sight of Liam pouting over a giant teddy bear is enough to make the most hard-hearted girl swoon.

The date with Niall is a cosy room with a roaring fireplace, Niall in a woolly jumper with his guitar, and a rather adorable dog.

Zayn’s scene is, however, the masterpiece; set in a glamourous yet intimate restaurant, with Zayn even toasting over a glass of champagne. Perfect.

Four is certainly off to a fabulous start, with the lads performing at the Universal Orlando CityWalk in Florida earlier this week, then appearing on no less than four television shows. They are also scheduled to appear in their own special on NBC as well as Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Four is set to be a shoo-in at number one in the UK on Sunday, which should bode well for the One Direction world tour starting in February. The lads are rather proud of Four and deservedly so, it’s my favourite of their (four) albums. They wrote 10 of the 12 songs themselves, and told Digital Spy that they have been given more artistic control on this album then their previous work. The maturity of the songs is self-evident.

Although Four has sold more albums than the rest of the top five albums combined, Harry is typically philosophical.

“It’s not all about numbers’, he said, “as long as the fans like it, if they enjoy it…”

Well they are enjoying it, quite a bit actually. One Direction mass hysteria is in no danger of going away anytime soon.

Sara Hunter Smith