No One can Avoid an “Ambush” This Week on ‘Revenge’


Revenge Ambush
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Just when Revenge seems like it can’t get any crazier, it does. It always does. This week the gloves come off and everything is fair game. There are big reveals and many scenes that fans have been waiting for since the shows inception. Although we seem to say this every week, it truly feels like we are getting game changing scenes every episode as characters address conflicts that have existed since day one.

A big question we had going into this episode of Revenge was, what exactly is going on with Louise? This week we fearfully report that we now have a better grasp of Louise’s mental state and what exactly she’s after. Oddly enough, it seems like she may be the one character on the show right now (except David) that truly loves Victoria. In a shocking and fairly intense moment, we see Louise having hallucinations of her mother. The hallucinations result in her locking Margaux in a sauna. We are getting the vibes Louise longs, at a scary level, to be loved by Victoria due to her lack of love from her real mother. This is a plot-line that seems to just keep giving. Instead of taking away from other characters, Louise and her actions seem to be affecting and developing other characters.

With ties from Daniel and Victoria severed, Louise’s next victim of choice seems to be Nolan Ross. Preying on Nolan’s struggles following being humiliated on live television, Louise offers to help him face his unwanted attention. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like she has much of a bone to pick with Nolan. We expect from this duo more of a business relationship. Both are less than fans of the chic Parisian so we anticipate joint attempted sabotage. Who knows, Nolan and Louise might end up sharing more than hatred. After all, this is Revenge. On the topic of Nolan, we also get yet another great scene between David and Jack, where Jack explains that maybe David isn’t placing his trust in the right people. He asserts that Nolan took great care of Amanda, making our hearts swell a bit. No bromance has ever been better than Nolan and Jack.

On that emotional note, this episode brought us two hefty scenes that we never thought we’d come to see. Firstly, we see Daniel and Emily address the truth behind their relationship. Ever since the pair started dating and until they broke up, we wondered if Emily ever had any genuine feelings. Unsurprisingly Emily admits feelings could have been there, however, they disappeared once Daniel aligned himself with his father. Joshua Bowman and Emily Van Camp both shined in the scene, making it particularly memorable and significant.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, Emily and David finally come face to face this episode. In what might be, hands down, the most emotional and intense scene in Revenge to date, Emily bursts into David’s house in hysterics. Emily realizes he was watching over “Amanda” the whole time. David, upon seeing her tattoo, is quick to figure out that Emily is Amanda.

Abruptly interrupting what could have been an emotional reunion scene, Victoria leaves the house only to get shocked and…killed? We are not too sure. Leave it to Victoria to ruin the father-daughter reunion we’d been waiting for, for 4 years. Well, that is if you thought David would come back (we did).

Is Victoria dead? Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON?

NOLANISM OF THE NIGHT: “What good is an insomniac bestie if not for midnight phone calls?”

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