More Casting News For ‘I Saw The Light’ As The Film Moves Toward A 2015 Release

More Casting News For 'I Saw The Light' As The Film Moves Toward A 2015 Release

Bron Studios and RatPac Entertainment announced last week that Bradley Whitford from The West Wing, and Cherry Jones from 24 have joined the cast of the Hank Williams Biopic I Saw The Light starring British actor Tom Hiddleston. Whitford will play Fred Rose who was the Nashville music publisher that helped guide Williams’ very short career. Jones is cast as Williams’ mother, Lillie. It is intriguing that casting is being done so late when production has started, but hopefully it is due to wanting to make sure they have the perfect person for the role.

In what appears to be one of the tightest film sets to date, very little news filters out, and this has had fans searching high and low for any news they can get their hands on about the movie and where it is in terms of production. Hiddleston’s severe lack of his use of his Twitter account during filming means we know very little about this production at all. Maybe he just lost his password.

Last month I reported on the latest casting news for the production being directed by Marc Abraham which chronicles Williams’ meteoric rise to fame beginning at the age of 25 and ending, tragically, just 4 years later aged 29 when he died of heart failure. The movie has been based on Colin Escott’s award winning biography.

We have seen a few on-set shots, this one is of Hiddleston, replete with dark contacts looking eerily like Hank Williams, this was posted by Devon Patton on his twitter feed last week.


Credit: Devon Patton Twitter

Co-star Richard L Jackson also posted the image below on his Facebook page showing Director Marc Abraham, Tom Barnett as Gas Station Attendant, Richard L. Jackson as Gas Station Owner/ Justice of the Peace, Elizabeth Olsen as Audrey Williams, and Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams.

Credit: Richard L Jackson Facebook

And because there’s no such thing as a free lunch, it’s good to know that the studio was able to arrange a deal with Sony for Williams’ music catalogue, which means we get to hear Hiddleston belting out classic hits such as I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, Your Cheatin’ Heart and Hey Good Lookin’ among others.

For the Parker family, who reside at 706 Lewisville Road, which is the home being used in the film, the local Minden webpage for the press Herald reports they are “ecstatic about the experience”.

Pattie Odom, who is the economic/downtown development director for the City of Minden, said she’d worked with this particular scouting crew before, and they “are great.”

“This production company is very professional and very good at what they do,” she said. “It’s always good, and hopefully they spent some money in Minden. We’re getting ready to launch our Northwest Louisiana Film Trail for tourism. The more people that like Minden, the more we can draw to Minden.”

Lynn Dorsey, executive director of the Webster Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau, said she is thrilled about portions of the movie being filmed in Webster Parish.

“We are thrilled to have our 26th film shot partially in Webster Parish to add to our Northwest Louisiana Film Trail,” she said. “We hope it will be a hit movie so it will bring more national and international recognition to Webster Parish.”

It is productions like I Saw The Light, filming in locations like this all around the world which enables all parties to benefit from the generated income; not only what the cast and crew spend in town along with paying locals and offering employment but the increase in tourism, -whether that is to catch a glimpse of a favourite actor or to visit when the movie is released.

In an short interview with local news KTBS3, Hiddleston had nothing but praise for his crew and the people of Shreveport.

While no official date has yet to be announced, there is talk that I Saw The Light will be released during 2015.

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