Mark Wahlberg to Take the Lead in ‘Six Billion Dollar Man’

Photo: ABC News
Photo: ABC News

Looks like inflation has even started to hit the whole mad science division of the fictional realm folks.

You remember the Six Million Dollar Man? It was sci-fi show about a guy played by Lee Majors who got rebuilt with cybernetic implants and used his new found abilities to fight crime. It aired in the 70’s, if memory serves correctly. So if you watched Syfy back when it was Sci-Fi, then you probably saw it when you were home sick from school like I did growing up, or you actually were alive with coherent memory in the 70’s or you found it on the Internet.

We can all admit that these were all likely scenarios.

Actually I think the counterpart to the Six Million Dollar Man would be better known to a modern audience, which is Bionic Woman. It was give a TV remake a few years back and flopped kind of spectacularly.

Can we scratch that? The best known thing is definitely the sound effect.

Yeah remember that sound on other TV shows? Wondering where those shows got it from? Well now you know what exactly those creators/writers were parodying!

Well like with most of Hollywood nowadays, there is a remake of this classic sci-fi show in the works. Except, this time, inflation has been taken into account with the title: The Six Billion Dollar Man.

The movie has also ensnared its lead actor in Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg will be playing former astronaut Steve Austin who is given bionic and cybernetic implants after a nearly fatal (car?) crash. The cybernetics include a new right arm, left eye, and a pair of legs which will give Austin superhuman abilities. He will then use those abilities to help the U.S. government.

Bob Weinstein will produce the film. Wahlberg will be working with Lone Survivor director, Peter Berg, on this project as well.

No word on when it will come out or when filming will commence.

Bec Heim