It’s Elton Vs Whitney For This Week’s X Factor Song Choices

Photo: ITV
Photo: ITV

Hello dear friends and welcome to the song spoiler’s for this week’s The X Factor. It’s a double elimination this week; the act with the lowest number of public votes will leave Saturday, and the second will leave as usual on Sunday. Obviously, I’m hoping Stevi will be leaving Saturday (although Sunday will do just as well) although the Great British Public keeps voting for him. Tragic.

The theme his week is Elton John vs Whitney Houston, which means lots of angst-ridden Whitney ballads. The chances of me staying awake during Saturday’s show are very slim indeed.


Okay my dears here are the songs for this weekend; enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Cheryl’s Girls

Lauren Platt – How Will I Know by Whitney Houston

Finally an upbeat song! A wonderful choice for Lauren, I hope she takes advantage and has as much fun as Whitney did in the video.


Mel’s Boys

Andrea Faustini – I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston

I knew Mel would stick Andrea with a dirge and she’s done it. Andrea will handle it perfectly, of course, but it’s just a bit dull. Ballads are Andrea’s bread and butter and iconic songs like this, when sung well, always pull in the votes, but they’re just not my taste.

Also, I really don’t like this particular ballad. I didn’t even like Chris Colfer’s version on Glee, so you know I’m serious.


Lulus’ Groups

Only The Young – Something About The Way You Look Tonight by Elton John

I love this song, and I think the group will do it justice as long as they don’t muck about with it too much. I’m actually looking forward to this, Only The Young might just be the dark horse in the competition.


Stereo Kicks – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On My by Elton John

Another good choice by Lulu! A fabulous song, and as long as they get the harmonies right it should be great. Are the eight lads starting to get to me? Perhaps.



Simon’s Over 25s

Fleur East – I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston

I am SO looking forward to Fleur’s performance. An excellent song choice, it should be fantastic. Cannot wait!


Ben Haenow – I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

Uh…no. Even if he speeds this song up, Ben’s gravelly voice is just totally unsuitable. With hundreds of Whitney and Elton songs to choose from, I wonder why Simon picked this one. Perhaps he’s been spending too much time out on the town with Stevi…


Stevi Ritchie – I’m Still Standing by Elton John

I can see it now – Stevi shouting “I’m still standing!” from the top of the stage. My eyes are already rolling, and I don’t think they’ll stop all weekend.





Sara Hunter Smith