Gracepoint Recap: Tragedy Strikes Again as Death Takes Another Life

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

Who killed Danny Solano? We are now on episode six of the ten episode special event that is Gracepoint, and it looks like we are nowhere near getting the answer to that question.

While the episode didn’t provide viewers with any new information, we were still in for a shock as one of the many citizens of Gracepoint joined young Danny Solano in death by the end of the episode. If you have already seen Broadchurch, then you already know whom it is.

Let’s dive right in and see what took place on this week’s episode of Gracepoint.

What You Need to Know:

  • Hell hath no fury like a woman wronged: Beth confronts Mark and then later Gemma about their adultery. Beth has reservations about keeping the baby, but by the episode’s end, it looks like she might have had a change of heart as she and Mark begin to reconcile.
  • Owen’s Betrayed: At Renee’s suggestion, Owen writes a national news article about Jack’s past, sharing the byline with Renee. When his piece hits the papers though, it is not the version he originally submitted, causing a huge backlash against him and Jack.
  • Miller Family Woes: After much debate, Mark confirms the cell phone is Danny’s, but Miller says Danny also owned a smartphone—which is still missing. Miller has her hands occupied this episode as her sister asks for money in return for information about Danny’s murder but Miller refuses. To add to her troubles, Susan, aka Creepy Key Lady, makes contact with Ellie’s son, Tom, and Owen reports that his family’s boat is missing.
  • Tragedy Strikes: Jack is harassed after his criminal record hits the newspapers, but his hatred of the police leads him to decline to help Carver and Miller clear his name. In vain hopes to get on Chloe’s good side again, Dean tells Chloe how Jack hugged and touched him and other boys in the Sea Brigade, and the paper prints the allegations. The harassment against Jack worsens. A mob attacks Jack at the Sea Brigade hall. Mark stops them and confronts Jack, who reveals he had an affair with a 16-year-old girl, for which he was imprisoned. Had they waited just a month, they would have been fine to be together. They married when he was released from jail, and had a son. The son died at the age of nine in an automobile accident caused by Jack’s wife, and they divorced. Mark advises Jack to leave Gracepoint in order to stay safe. Jack’s home is vandalized, and news of his past makes the local and national papers. Unable to take it any more, Jack commits suicide by jumping off the same cliff where Danny’s body was found.

No After Party this week as I am a bit under the weather.

What did you all think of this week’s episode? Have you figured out who the killer is?

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