Gracepoint Recap: Now You See Me…A Disappearing Act Rocks Miller

Credit: FOX
Credit: FOX

The moment we all have been waiting for finally arrived on this week’s episode of Gracepoint, a complete plot deviation from Broadchurch.

For over six weeks now, you have suffered through my griping about how this is basically Broadchurch 2.o but tonight’s episode finally gave me a shock as it provided a plot twist that I wasn’t expecting. The jury is still out though as to whether this will pan out for the show as a worthy deviation. We only have three more episodes until this special event wraps up so we shall see.

As you may have guessed by the title of this recap, Ellie’s super sketchy son Tom has gone missing, forcing our detectives to deal with a frightening reality that never crossed their paths in Broadchurch.

Grab your clue notebook and let’s get down to business!

What You Need to Know: 

  • The Missing: When the town is gathered at Jack’s wake, Carver notices the Rev put a hand on Tom Miller’s knee, just before he has another bout of dizziness. Carver then uses his momentary malaise as an opportunity to sidle up to Tom and start asking him questions. He asks if Tom is alright, and if he and Danny got along with Paul. Joe interrupts him. Then Ellie asks her son if he is okay and questions about Danny, and he lashes out at her. “You don’t even know anything about me anymore,” Tom says. On the way to school, Tom’s little brother drops his toy. He’s going to be late and is three blocks away, so Joe, reluctantly, let’s him ride his bike ahead. A short while later, Ellie gets a call from the school, revealing that Tom never showed up. A look of horror crosses her face. Ellie, as hard as she may try not to, initially places blame on Joe.
  • Searching for the Lost Boy: Soon enough the entire town is out searching for Tom, led by none other than Mark Solano. By the end of the episode, the entire town is led to a wooded area in search of Tom as someone spotted him on the road. And then there’s the shocking conclusion: The Rev stumbles upon Tom’s bike. Abandoned.
  • Creepy Key Lady Gets Handled: After baking a batch of brownies for Vince, Creepy Susan gets paid a visit by Vince, who threatens her life if she doesn’t leave town. Vince is just as sketchy as Susan though as earlier in the episode; viewers caught a glimpse of him washing blood off his face and hands.
  • Elsewhere: Renee apparently skipped town after the Jack fiasco, Carver got paid a visit by his daughter who seemed none to happy with her dear old dad, and the detectives found Lars, who turned out to be a bit of a nutcase.
  • This Week’s Major Clue: Danny’s phone calls are being forwarded to another phone, presumably his smartphone.

And now time for the After Party!

What did you all think of this week’s episode of Gracepoint?

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