Glee’s Gearing Up for a Season of White Weddings

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After five seasons full of music, laughter, tears, excitement and, most of all, love, Glee is entering its sixth season. With only 13 episodes left to wrap up numerous storylines, there are a number of things that fans of the series want to see occur before the final curtain call. News coming from the set seems to indicate that at least two groups of fans will have something to celebrate over the course of the next few months.

High on that list for a number of fans is for their favourite ‘ships to have a happy ending… hopefully with that all important TV white wedding. Luckily for them, we will be getting not one, but TWO Glee weddings in the final season, confirms TV Line.

Fans of “Brittana” couple, Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) and Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris), have had much to gush about over the past few weeks as Rivera has been dropping hints about the much-desired Brittana nuptials via social media. Back at the beginning of August, she tweeted the following:

This led many to speculate that Santana would be proposing to Brittany. From the sounds of Rivera’s tweets from the past few days, it appears that Brit’s answer was a resounding yes.

and the following picture captioned, “Exciting day On the set of Glee!”

However, TV Line, in confirming the Brittana wedding storyline, has revealed that another of “Glee’s many fluctuating couples” will be tying the knot in the final season. Given the couples that this could possible refer to (really only Chris Colfer and Darren Criss’ Kurt and Blaine, or Dianna Agron and Mark Salling’s Quinn and Puck), many are crossing their fingers for a Klaine wedding, and there’s been too many clues over the past few years for it not to be them.

Firstly, in previous Twitter Q&A’s with showrunner Ryan Murphy, he revealed that Kurt would be getting married when he’s 21, to “never give up on Klaine,” that he believes in “happy endings,” that is plan for Klaine is “eternity,” along with hints that same sex marriage is legal in New York.

While these were tweeted a while ago, Murphy and fellow Glee creator, Brad Falchuck, spoke to E! News this past week about their plans for the final season, and again it looks promising for a Klaine wedding. In response to the fan backlash over the rumoured spoilers of yet another Klaine break up, and then the astounding news that Blaine was then going to hook up with Kurt’s former tormentor, Dave Karofsky, Murphy and Falchuck acknowledged that they have seen what the fans want from the final season, reaffirmed their love for both Kurt and Blaine, both as individuals and as a couple, and promised us that “Really, it’s going to be OK”.

All this does seem to equal a Klaine marriage in the cards.

Having already devoted at least four seasons to both couples, a big television wedding is what a number of fans are after. While I can’t understand why all these kids, and yes they really are still kids, want to rush into marriage, particularly for the Klaine fans, after the break up, the reunion, the engagement, the trials and tribulations they faced in New York, and now possibly having to endure another break up when everything seemed so perfect at the end of season five, I am going to be so disappointed if I don’t have the pay off of their wedding.

At the moment it’s only speculation who the second set of nuptials will be, while Brittana fans can start planning their wedding viewing parties while we wait for Glee’s season six to return to our screens on Friday January 9 at 9pm.

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