Glee: Klaine Will Have A Happy Ending, But Is It Too Late For Fans?

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“It’s Glee. Be Happy. It’s going to be okay.”

So says Brad Falchuck (with a smile, apparently) to E News. In a short interview, Glee creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck have given fans the strongest clue yet to the show having a happy ending for all.

Filming of the sixth and final season of the show is well underway, but it has not been without its fair share of controversy and rage, most notably regarding the storyline involving Klaine.

For those of you who might live under a rock, or have abandoned the show entirely, unconfirmed spoilers suggest that season six will see a number of major changes between Kurt and Blaine. Kurt is, apparently, back at McKinley assisting Rachel as she leads New Directions. Blaine is also back in Ohio, having dropped out of NYADA (we know) and is now leading The Warblers.

The worst thing of all though, is that they are no longer together, and Blaine is now dating Karofsky. Words fail me really, given that he apparently was so stricken by his and Kurt’s breakup that he couldn’t handle NYADA, yet he’s perfectly capable of moving on and dating Kurt’s tormentor.

Anyway, I digress. I could rant for hours about it all, and many in the fandom have been and are still doing so, but Murphy and Falchuck seem confident that they are going to set things right.

“You have to have obstacles to have a happy ending,” Murphy explains. “I’ve spent a year learning what they want. We have a list in the writers’ room that says, ‘What do the fans want to end that show?’ And our endings are all very uplifting, and I think by the end of it, people will be ecstatic and really thrilled by how things turn out. I am.”

Well good for you, Mr Murphy. I think I speak for the majority of Klaine fans when I say we would rather live without these obstacles, or at least see different ones in their place. I have never known a couple that are ‘meant to be’ hit with so many problems on their road to matrimony, and it makes me (and others) question the writers sanity at this point, as if we weren’t already.

Falchuck does admit he has had “a lot of angry tweets” and given what I’ve seen on my twitter timeline this must surely be the grossest understatement of all time.

“I have a lot of angry tweets. But look, it’s a new season and we’re exploring some stuff. We love Kurt. We love Blaine. We love them together. We love them apart. We love them all kinds of ways. And I think that their relationship is a really great place to explore some more complicated stories. Really, it’s going to be OK.”

I’m sure it will be, and I am still confident that season 6 will end well, but it’s all the crap that happens in the meantime that I, and others, are not looking forward to at all.

Wake me up when the season finale airs please.



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  1. I agree. We’ve had enough of “their problems”. And yes they’re young, and probably too young to get married if they were real people. But they’re not. Glee asks us to suspend reality for allot of things (Rachel getting Funny Girl, leaving Funny Girl, reinstating and directing the New Directions…just a to name a few). So let’s continue suspending reality let our boys get married young and leave this “experimentation” for another project or character. Give us our Klaine and give them to us now (and happily in love-WITH EACH OTHER,).

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