From Darkest Peru To The Streets of London: The Paddington Trail Has Arrived

By Peter Capaldi

If you go down to the woods today (well London actually), you’re in for a big surprise! The bears have taken over the city and it’s glorious.

In anticipation of the wonderfully delightful film, Paddington, being released later this month, statues of the little bear from Peru have been popping up all over London, and they’re rather special. Not for Paddington the boring blue coat and red hat, but specially-themed outfits designed by celebrities.

By David Beckham

The stars of Paddington; Nicole Kidman, Hugh Bonneville, Julie Walters, Peter Capaldi and Ben Whishaw, have of course let their artistic skills have full reign. Kidman’s bear is completely gold; Bonneville’s is covered with oranges; Walters’ is green with daisies (my favourite); Capaldi’s has a Tardis design and Whishaw’s has Paddington in a large letter sack.

By Ben Whishaw

The statues, which will be placed at London landmarks – including Paddington Station, of course – are all of Paddington doffing his hat cheerfully, with suitcase in hand. It seems the celebs were given free reign with their designs and goodness, they have had fun. Amongst the best designs are Emma Watson’s (white with butterflies), Michael Howell’s (with added pigeons) and Michael Sheen’s (his bear is Shakespearean).

The bears will be on the streets of London until December 30, and there is a special trail so you can be sure to get a photo with every one. Much like “Gromit Unleashed” in Bristol last summer, the statues are sure to be an instant must-see tourist attraction; prepare to see lots of people bear spotting and even more selling everything Paddington related along the way.

By Hugh Bonneville

If you feel like really spending, however, the statues are all going to be auctioned by Christie’s in December, both online and in their London salesroom. All profits from the auction (and Paddington Trail merchandise) will go to the NSPCC, as I’m sure Paddington himself would wish.

Paddington comes to UK cinemas on 28 November, and by the looks of the trailer it’s as enchanting as I hoped it would be.  Now, where are my walking boots…





Sara Hunter Smith