Feast Your Eyes: It’s the ‘Looking’ Season Two Teaser

Look! It's The Looking Season Two Teaser
Credit: HBO

Looking is back! Well, almost. In a way.

January 11th, to be exact. That is when Jon Groff and company returns to our screens for the second series of the hit HBO show, which caused rather a lot of heartbeats to quicken when it introduced us to Patrick, Richie, Kevin and their crazy bunch of friends.

HBO have decided to whet our appetites with an official teaser, and tease it does.

Set to Tiga’s “Far From Home,” it really is just glimpses of each character staring into the camera and giving us knowing looks, but it also seems to hint at the ongoing triangle between Patrick, Richie and Kevin, which I don’t mind one bit!

To be perfectly honest, it tells us nothing about the series other than that, and yet it is oddly compelling to watch, possibly because we are all eagerly anticipating the return of the show which we have missed so much.

So what can we be Looking forward to this time around? (Get it?) Well, the biggest and best news is that all our favourites are coming back, and Russell Tovey (Kevin) and Raul Castillo (Richie) have been promoted to series regulars, hopefully meaning more screen time, especially for Tovey as I have rather a soft spot for him.

Season two also consists of ten episodes rather than the eight from the first series, which means we get a whole two episodes more of…well, you know. Don’t pretend you don’t watch for exactly the same reasons.

This hot show is hot, undeniably so, but it also gives great storylines and superb acting from a great cast. I can’t wait for its return.