Emily and David Make ‘Contact’ This Week on “Revenge”

Revenge Contact
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The moment we have all been waiting for has come: Emily revealed herself to David.  Unfortunately, this moment did not quite unfold in the way we expected it to. While the moment was significantly emotional, it was rudely interrupted by Victoria getting electrocuted and David running to her rescue.

And that is where this weeks episode picks off. Victoria is on the ground, quite literally, shocked, and David is asking his daughter for his help. It’s at this moment when Emily freezes and refuses to help. Instead of hearing out Emily’s reasoning for not wanting to help Victoria, David essentially ignores her. We are coming to realize that David is easily impressionable, vulnerable, and doesn’t really change his mind once he’s made it up. It’s painful to see Emily ignored and dismissed in this way, but we also understand that there’s a lot to David’s story that is a mystery.

While Emily and David go their separate ways, Victoria goes to a hospital where, shocker, Louise shows up. This girl is downright cray. There are no other words to explain this character. Tyler was violent, Padma was vulnerable, and Patrick had some serious Mommy issues, but Louise takes the cake. She is hands down the weirdest character to have influence on Nolan. We will say though, owning the bar seems like a nice investment for Nolan who, after all, is an incredible businessman. Nolan finds out about how crazy Louise inevitably, but the friendship was nice while it lasted.

While Emily and David continue to steal the show every week with their drama and intensity, the most notable performance this time around goes to Daniel. It’s easy to forget how much Daniel has grown, changed, progressed, and regressed over the seasons. He’s lived a privileged yet difficult life, and that all came to light this week in a scene between him and Victoria. Daniel may make many mistakes, but he is strong willed and determined. He wants what’s best for him and want’s to build a life, and his family history is making that pretty difficult. Keep doing you Daniel, and please get Margaux back. The pair are the one happy thing on the show. Oh, and Daniel, keep your place under more security so Louise can’t surprise you in the shower. Yeah that scene went from free-kay, to straight up freaky.

In other news Ben is annoying, but that’s not quite news. The detective is very jealous of Jack and his success on the field and finally makes that clear in a fit of drunken rage. Suddenly, Ben isn’t so attractive anymore. It’s safe to say Ben is the most frustrating, annoying character of this season. He is necessary considering things are never allowed to be easy for Jack, but he’s just making everything more difficult. Still, it’s all worth it to see Jack stand up for himself and put Ben in his place. Did we mention Season 4 Jack is our favourite Jack?

The episode wraps up even more intensely than the last, as Emily finds out that there is someone out there who has been blackmailing David, who kept him hostage all those years. We wonder who this man is, and if we can even trust David.  The episode ends with Emily and David going with their separate ways, so that David can deal with this mystery man. Obviously, Emily never leaves anything alone. Wit looks like she’s got her hands on someone who does know something, and is pulling out all the stops to get the truth. By all the stops, we mean torture.

May we never get on Emily Thorne’s bad side.

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