Arrow’s “Draw Back Your Bow” Unleashes Cupid, Katana and the Atom Exosuit

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first Arrow recap.

I am joining in on the fun in the middle of the season, but I have been following the show for a long while now; I remember a summer that was filled with quite a lot of binge watching.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand: episode 3.07 “Draw Back Your Bow,” which introduces us to Carrie Cutter and her alter ego Cupid. Furthermore we see Felicity and Ray’s relationship take on a less platonic path, much to Oliver’s chagrin.

It’s Cupid, Stupid.
The episode starts by taking us back to the Season 2 finale and the night Slade’s army attacked Starling City, which is also the night Carrie Cutter (guest star Amy Gumenick) was saved by the Arrow. This marks the start of her obsession with the hooded vigilante. In present day Starling we find out that a new killer, Cupid, is in town, who dresses her victims up as the Arrow. When Oliver and Diggle find themselves at her apartment, which is filled with rose petals and pictures of the Arrow, they realize that she is not a copy cat but rather an admirer. Cupid calls Oliver to tell him that while he takes care of Starling City, no one seems to take care of him, and offers to help and kill for him. We find out that Carrie Cutter has been a former SCPD member, but has been fired due to her obsession with her partner at that time. It becomes more and more obvious that Carrie has a serious mental condition. After killing several people to further gather the attention of the Arrow, they meet for a final fight. Carrie gains the upper hand by chaining the Arrow to train tracks, planning on killing him and herself so they can be together in death. Oliver has to break his hand in order to save them both. Ouch. I guess love really hurts. Later on Diggle announces that Cupid has become a part of the Suicide Squad.

Welcome to Palmer Technologies.
At Queen Consolidated Felicity walks in on Ray Palmer on the Salmon Ladder (because everyone should have one of those at the office), then he asks her out to a purely platonic work dinner, for which he got her a beautiful Haute Couture dress. Oh, and a 10 Million Dollar necklace!!!! Who wouldn’t be charmed by all that? So while the men of Team Arrow are busy with crazy Cupid, Felicity is focusing on her work at QC, which is later revealed to become Palmer Technologies. With the increasing tension between Oliver and Felicity, Diggle starts meddling. He tells Felicity that Oliver’s repressed feelings for her mess with his head and could potentially be dangerous, as he is not entirely focused on his crusade. Ray and Felicity’s work dinner goes incredibly well as they score a deal for Palmer Technologies, but she still leaves early to help Team Arrow with Cupid. Oliver tells Carrie that the Arrow cannot be with her, he cannot be with anyone and he needs to be alone. Felicity listens in on the whole conversation, once again hurt by Oliver’s rejection and my heart breaks for her. After Diggle tells Oliver to man up and tell her how he really feels before it’s too late, the vigilante-by-night rushes to Palmer Technologies, only to see Felicity and Ray in a passionate liplock. Poor Oliver.

Katana Strikes.
Back in our Hong Kong flashbacks we learn that Maseo and his wife Tatsu, also known as Katana to many DC fans, are actually Japanese but had to leave because they upset some very powerful men in Japan. Also, even after two years away from Starling, Oliver still has no idea how to do laundry. I assume it was not one of his priorities on Lian Yu. After Maseo goes out for an ARGUS mission and does not return, Tatsu and Oliver try to track him down and get involved with the Triad. Oliver tries to fight them – unsuccessfully – and Tatsu jumps in and shows off her impressive moves involving a sword. She proves that she is more than just Maseo’s wife.

Verdant Is Back Up And Running … Sort Of.
The little we have seen of Thea during this episode was strictly set at Verdant, where she was looking for a new DJ. This is what brings guest star Austin Butler to the venue. His character Chase walks in, all arrogant and with pretty bad hair that rivals Oliver’s Hong Kong hair style, and tries to get the job. In the end, he is the one saving Thea’s evening by substituting for the previously fired DJ. After the night is over he refuses to take Thea’s money, but instead kisses her. So far Chase seems to be nothing more than a mind-numbingly boring love interest. I’m not impressed.

Little DC Easter Eggs.
Although I am not too well versed when it comes to DC Comics and its endless universes, I still managed to spot a few Easter Eggs during the episode. First of all, we have Palmer Technologies, which is probably the most obvious one. Back in Hong Kong, we have Tatsu and Oliver talking about being Outsiders. Originally, the comic book character Katana was created as a part of the Outsiders team. And last, but not least, we have one of the final scenes of the night, Ray Palmer standing in his office, working on the ATOM Exosuit. What exactly that is and what Ray has planned for it is something we will hopefully find out very soon!

* Felicity falling in love with a dress. Her interaction with that piece of clothing was not only entertaining, but also seemed very genuine. It’s a very Felicity-thing to do. And apparently her mumbling “You and I are gonna be best friends” was an unscripted Emily moment.
* Diggle playing matchmaker. I just love the Diggle/Felicity and Diggle/Oliver friendship respectively, and it is so much fun seeing David Ramsey play couples’ therapist. And him telling Oliver to finally make up his mind and gather some courage was just on point.
* Roy and Oliver bonding time. Even though we had a lot more scenes during the previous episode I was happy to see them continuously growing closer. Dinner at Dig and Lyla’s place was a sweet moment for the group.
* Oliver, as the Arrow, talking to Carrie’s therapist. She was right after all, he has a severe case of PTSD, and he could really use a few sessions.
* Cupid becoming part of the Suicide Squad. I am incredibly happy about this because it opens up so many possibilities for Carrie Cutter to return. Gumenick did a fantastic job.
* Boomerang showing up at the end of the episode. This blended really nicely with the “Flash vs Arrow” promo that we got right after the episode. That’s a crossover spectacle you do not want to miss.

Favorite Quote.
Ray Palmer: A few months ago I made a promise to help revitalize Starling City. But I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed help. A lot of help, from people who are even more intelligent and dedicated than I am. All of us are working very hard with one goal in mind: To save our city. But to do so, Queen Consolidated needs to be something else.

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