Aaron Sorkin Says ‘The Newsroom’ Final Season Will Be His Last TV Project

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

The other day we heard the news that Aaron Sorkin’s play, A Few Good Men, is being staged live on television by NBC. Having not quite recovered from this fantastic news, now we hear that Sorkin is leaving the television biz.

Say it ain’t so, Aaron, please!

According to the Los Angeles Times, Sorkin says that the final season of The Newsroom will be his last venture into the small screen (although NBC is planning for Sorkin to adapt A Few Good Men).

Sorkin will end The Newsroom after its third series.

“I’m not saying I can’t wait to get out of here, but I think we threw everything we had at it,” he said. “I can see where if we continued Season 4 or 5, we might’ve started repeating ourselves.”

He also adds “I’m pretty certain I’m about to write my last three episodes of television.”

This is quite disastrous news, I have to say. Regular readers will now how much I adore The West Wing (and try to bring a reference to it into everything I write), probably the best written television series ever. It was a ground-breaking series and gave politics a “cool” image that revitalized the public’s attitude to their leaders (some guy named Clinton may have helped a bit too).

As well as the thrilling adventures of CJ Craig, Joshua Lyman and Toby Ziegler, Sorkin also gave us Sports Night and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. Yes, Studio 60 was cancelled but the public loved it and it was fantastic! It didn’t receive four Emmy nominations for nothing. Also, it had Bradley Whitford. Need I say more?

Although, he has apparently left television behind him, Sorkin won’t be off the big screen for long. He is currently working on the much-awaited biopic of the late Steve Jobs. It looks like we’re going to be waiting for a while after Christian Bale pulled out of Jobs earlier this month, following Leonardo DiCaprio in giving up the title role.

Whomever ends up playing the Apple founder, I’m very excited about the film, mainly because of Sorkin. He is a man after my own heart: he is a procrastinator, he flies by the seat of his pants and he tries to inject humour (dry as it may be) into the most solemn of subjects.

He is also a perfectionist, saying of his work “I’ve never written anything that I haven’t wanted to write again…I would write The Social Network again if they would let me, I’d write Moneyball again. I would write The West Wing again. And, yeah, I’d write ‘The Newsroom’ again.”

Although Sorkin insists he’s finished with television, there may be the tiniest, faintest glimmer of hope. He also says “…I still don’t see another series in my near future,” he said. “But, again, you never know. Maybe I’ll get another idea.”

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