Youtube Fans – Why I Follow LushLaws and Why You Should Too

Photo: Lushlaws/Youtube

I started off thinking, I know, I’ll write you all an article about my favourite youtubers; top 5 for example, but then I realised that there is just too much to talk about when it comes to two of my favourites, Matthew Lush and Nicholas Laws, so I decided to give them their own article.

The two have become famous Youtubers, and are also a couple, so a lot of their videos they do together. Funnily enough, they got together after Nick became a fan of Matt’s, deciding to spam his instagram until he took notice of him. It paid off, and the two have just recently celebrated their one year anniversary together.

Matthew Lush’s channel ‘Gay God’ has been going for a long time now, 8 years to be precise. However the first channel of his that I came across was actually his ‘Lush’ channel which was started when him and Nick became a couple, and so is their joint boyfriend channel where they post all of their videos together. I was instantly sold on all of their challenges and Q&A videos which I found really funny, also enjoying the way that Matt in particular isn’t shy about their relationship, delving information on the “good stuff.” They include a lot of fan interaction too where anyone can tweet in the questions for them to answer, and suggest some of the challenges that they would like to see. The other videos on the ‘Lush’ channel consist of Nick and Matt vlogging about their day, taking a video camera around with them, meaning that we as viewers really do get a close and personal insight in to their daily lives. Sometimes we are even introduced to other famous youtubers who they hang out with and will collaborate on videos with.

Matt’s ‘Gay God’ channel is a lot similar, although sometimes he’ll do some more serious videos, for example talking about his “coming out” story, and how he self harmed when he was younger. Even though these videos don’t particularly apply to myself, I really admire and respect Matt for voicing topics like these that other people might identify with, and perhaps seek comfort from if they are going through the same things. He has also been doing a series of videos titled ‘Youtube Star’ which is like a competition for other Youtube vloggers who send their videos to Matt, competing in a number of challenges that he has set. Youtube viewers then vote for their favourites, and the winner gets to fly out to LA to actually stay with Nick and Matt and collaborate on videos with the two of them, so this is really great for vloggers who are big LushLaws fans. The winner of the most recent ‘Youtube Star’ was Ryan Minaj who is totally adorable and hilarious, his video collaborations with Matt had me laughing out loud. They posted videos together on Matt, Nick, and Ryan’s personal channels, and also on the Lush channel, these two in particular made me laugh, A LOT!


Nicholas Laws is newer to the Youtube scene, posting his first video on his ‘Nickalaws’ channel only 11 months ago. His videos consist of the same concept as Matt’s, also including collabs with other vloggers. Personally I prefer his videos with Matt as they really work well together, bouncing off of each other’s personalities, although you soon come to learn that each have their own unique traits, Nick’s being his love of coffee which I was shocked to see in a new video that he is trying to give up at the moment. Nick is the more shy out of the two, easily getting embarrassed if Matt reveals anything a little too personal about their relationship, however as I said, it means that they work really well together and becomes a part of the comical tone to most of their videos.

They both post videos very regularly so you’re never without a vlog to watch.

Both also have websites, and where you can purchase their very own merchandise.