Who Waltzed Their Way To Victory On Strictly Week 2?


Credit: BBC

Hurrah, we’re back for Strictly week 2 and my friends, we were not left disappointed. We had Claudia wearing a fantastic hat of fruit, we had Pixie and Trent looking more alike than ever, we had Gregg Wallace face planting a cake and we had Judy Murray standing still and trying to pass it off as dancing.

Here we go with the recap of all the dances, 4ye scores out of ten and, at the end, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Yes dear friends, I have done another vlog. I know!


Thom and Iveta

Kicking everything off with a Salsa that packed a decent punch. Thom had definitely improved from last week and though it seemed a little bit frantic at times, he actually did fairly well. His lifts were impressive but the execution was not, which let him down somewhat. 4YE Score: 6


Jennifer and Tristan

A Waltz was a better dance for Jennifer, and she seemed much more relaxed to start, but one mistake and she fell apart, which she absolutely cannot afford to do. The terrible posture returned, as did the nerves and the whole dance went to waste. A real shame. 4YE Score: 4


Simon and Kristina

Their Tango was just fantastic! The judges pulled him apart on the technical aspects of the dance, which is obviously what they’re there for, but for us shallower types, all we want to see is a great dance that sizzles with chemistry, and that was exactly what we got. 4YE Score: 7


Gregg and Aliona

Well Gregg certainly enjoyed himself during his Charleston but let’s face it, it wasn’t great, was it? Still, he’s having the time of his life and full credit to him for being terrible with a smile on his face. 4YE Score: 4


Alison and Aljaz

We preferred the parts of their Foxtrot that were out of hold, and their comedy is brilliant. She suits louder, livelier dances but gosh she is adorable and the pairing with Aljaz is delightful. 4YE Score: 6


Jake and Janette

Wow, what an amazing Salsa! We were happily proven wrong from our prediction that he would be terrible at this dance and Craig was right, those hips really could crack coconuts. We loved it from beginning to end, and Claudia’s fruit hat made life worth living. 4YE Score: 9


Judy and Anton

The main problem with their Cha Cha was that Judy seemed to have forgotten that she was supposed to dance. Really, did she do anything? It was painful to watch. Time for her to leave Strictly, we think. 4YE Score: 2


Caroline and Pasha

Wow Caroline was strong. A few technical errors but she really has talent and she should go far in the competition. An enjoyable Tango from start to finish, and Pasha…oh, Pasha. 4YE Score: 7


Tim and Natalie

Quite a lovely Waltz, really. He made a good effort and the pairing with Natalie is so sweet. No, technically it wasn’t great, but it was a definite improvement on last week. 4YE Score: 5


Brendan and Sunetra

I’m sorry, this is my personal opinion but they bore me, and not even Brendan can stop my attentions from wandering. If this pair were a colour they’d be beige. They’re not terrible, by any means, but I just get nothing from watching them dance. 4YE Score: 5


Mark and Karen

Their American Smooth was not too bad at all. He kept his darling smile throughout and Karen seemed relaxed in his arms. Very enjoyable to watch. 4YE Score: 6


Scott and Joanne

The judges claimed there was a big improvement from the first week well sorry, but here at 4YE towers we did not notice that at all. The face, the posture, the timing…all of it was dreadful. Not Judy Murray level of dreadful, admittedly, but still quite terrible. 4YE Score: 3


Pixie and Trent

What a wonderful Waltz! Magical, smooth, romantic, heartfelt, everything a Waltz should be. Our favourite dance of the night, it was perfectly executed and we have to agree with Craig, a wonderful partnership. Team Trixie all the way! 4YE Score: 9


Steve and Ola

Uh-Oh, those pesky costume shredders strike again. Ola, wearing ribbons and not a lot else led Steve around that dance floor. While he was good on the enthusiasm, the footwork wasn’t up to much at all. 4YE Score: 5


Frankie and Kevin

Top of the leader board last week, Frankie and Kevin gave us a 50’s inspired Charleston that was fresh, fun and incredibly fast. Full marks to her for the actual dancing which, after all, is the nature of the competition, but it sometimes felt a little too frantic for me. Still really enjoyable to watch. 4YE Score: 8


So there we have it. On to the 4YE After Party for my in depth and highly professional analysis, or my scathing judgement, depending on how you look at it. See you there!