Who Nabs The Final Steal of the Season Seven Battle Rounds on The Voice?

Credit: NBC The Voice Tumblr

Welcome Voice fans to the final night of the Battle Rounds!

Gwen has the final Steal in play. Who will she pick for her team?

Obviously, it’s going to be the last pairing of the night. Show, we know your game at this point. Maybe switch it up a bit? It’s a little boring.

Next week, we move onto the Knock Out rounds.

So without further ado, let’s get this recap started.

“On Broadway” sung by Brittany Butler versus Ricky Manning: Pharrell paired them because Ricky is Soul, and Brittany is Jazz. He thinks that they can bring experience and different taste to the song. Pharrell tells Brittany that she needs to add her jazz influence into the song. Brittany excels in the scatting part of the song. Alicia tells Ricky that all he doesn’t need to scat and that what he needs to do is let loose. Ricky starts off with a clean strong start. Brittany comes in low and interesting. I didn’t like her voice in the Blinds but it has grown on me considerably. It’s hard to describe, but I want to hear more from her. Gwen loved their strong characters and personality. Adam felt like it was on par for Brittany and for Ricky he felt like he took a huge leap. He gives it to Ricky because of the vast improvement. Blake says that they are knowledgeable vocalists with two different approaches. He feels like Ricky took it for that reason. Pharrell feels like Ricky let it fly while it took awhile for Brittany to warm up. The winner is RICKY MANNING!

Awww Pharrell and Gwen did a comforting moment.

“Team” sung by Kensington Moore and Reagan James: Wow that’s really cool. Blake paired them up because he feels like they are both stylistic singers. Reagan is excited to be singing one of her biggest inspirations. Kensington needs to know where she slips into her falsetto. Blake thinks she needs to stick to her guns and believe herself. For the final rehearsal, Kensington felt unwell and couldn’t make it. One of the women from Little Big Town, Kimberly, stepped in to take her place. Reagan’s needs to interact more, use more space, and have a bigger presence. Blake is glad that Kensington sings strong after her illness. It’s neck and neck for Blake at this point in the competition. Reagan moves around more on the stage. Kensington’s voice tends to overpower Reagan’s during their harmonies because of how quiet Reagan’s is naturally. I can’t really tell which one I like all that much. Pharrell is just blown away. Gwen thinks both of the girls did amazingly well. Adam thought Kensington’s voice cut so well and that Reagan had a lot of great moments but there was a word or two who got away from her. Pharrell liked her recovery with those missing words. Blake thinks both of them have so much talent and took his notes so well. The winner is REAGAN JAMES!




“I Turn To You” sung by Beth Spangler versus Mia Pfirrman:For both them, Adam thinks that less is definitely more. He thinks that they are oversinging it because the pair isn’t Christina. Stevie wants them to sing it from an emotional point of view over being the biggest voice. Adam thinks that they are focusing more on the notes over the pocket of the song. He also thinks that they can pull it in even more. They also need to find a good ending with each other. Stevie says that they need to pace themselves for this song. It’s pretty good. Blake loves Mia’s powerful yet raspy rough voice. He sees some country inside of Beth’s heart. Yet he goes with Mia. Pharrell sees their power and potential. He goes with Beth, though. Gwen thought Mia sang it beautifully and confidently. She was blown away by Beth stepping up to it. Gwen also goes with Mia. Adam felt they both were equally great. The winner is MIA PFIRRMAN! Last minute, during a hug, the button is (un)surprisingly hit. GWEN STEALS BETH SPANGLER! 


I will see you next week!


Bec Heim