There is #MethodToOurMadness as Jaguar Release Teaser Advert for The XE

Photo: PRNewsFoto/Jaguar
Photo: PRNewsFoto/Jaguar

We all know that as far as Jaguar are concerned it is #GoodToBeBad as their Superbowl advert showed us, which of course starred 4YE’s favourite Brit Tom Hiddleston. Now in honour of their new car, the rather beautiful XE, Jaguar have brought us the mantra #MethodToOurMadness, and this time we have a different Brit telling us all about it.

The new advert which was released today, stars X-Men star Nicholas Hoult, shows us the underground lair of the building which previously housed Sir Ben Kingsley in the original advert.  The advert opens with the helicopter which Tom Hiddleston was flying in and shows Hoult descending in a glass elevator to a Q style lab.  As Hoult makes his trip through the middle of a swimming pool complete with sharks (well what super villain lair doesn’t have pet sharks?) he also goes through a garage which gives us a glimpse at Jaguars old, new, and some yet to come.  I am also certain I spotted an old school E-Type in there which gives me feels for a very personal reason.

Once he arrives in the lab, that is when the advert gets really clever. Hoult, who is obviously meant to be the technical brains behind the operation, (think Ben Whishaw’s Q in the Bond franchise), puts parts of the XE together including the iconic leaping cat bonnet ornament.  As the pieces of the car fly around Hoult’s head he tells us that “with power like this, comes great opportunity”.  We get a partial reveal of the awesome XE in what my dad tells me is Carmine Red (he is a real Jaguar head, and he sees this advert as the chance to see what his next Jag will look like).  Just as we think we will get to see the whole car, Hoult teases us with “no not yet, my pretty one”, and yes that car is very pretty.

Hoult then climbs into a Jaguar F-Type (which of course was advertised using the dulcet tones of another 4YE favourite, Benedict Cumberbatch) and speeds off through the Aldwych underground station which is one of London Underground’s now unused stations. Let’s be honest if you really were going to plan your escape, you would use an F-Type.

This is another wonderful advert for an amazing British car brand, and I have to say I love the fact that Jaguar are building on the ideas which were started by Hiddleston et al in the original adverts. This advert really is a teaser and I can’t wait for the next one.

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