The Last Round of ‘The Voice’ Season Seven Auditions Go Out with a Bang

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It’s the final countdown for the Blind Auditions on season seven of The Voice!

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I do not apologize for that Arrested Development gif either. I refuse to.

Anyway season seven is shaping up to be one hell of a season with Pharrell and Gwen providing stiff competition for Blake and Adam. Especially Pharrell who appears to be the belle of the proverbial ball in terms of Blind Auditions.

Speaking of, let’s see where the teams stand in terms of competitors.





Now let’s see if we can fill up these slots tonight versus dragging this out into Tuesday.

“A Thousand Years” sung by Matt McAndrew: He graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia recently and currently lives with his mother and sister. He started teaching voice lessons and got his first guitar at eleven. I love this song, too. Don’t judge me. Oh he has such a nice voice. Adam turns first! Pharrell and Blake turn around after a glorious big note – he puts such passion into his voice. Adam says that he was moved and that he was different; he felt like he was seeing an accomplished and unique artist up there. Gwen liked his emotional quality, Blake said that when his voice was soft it could be intense, and Pharrell loves his tone where he can sing full voice and be powerful. He promises that they will work on his voice. GO WITH PHARRELL! Blake said that he is more like him, a solo artist and doesn’t give a crap of collaboration. He goes with TEAM ADAM!

“The Girl From Ipanema” sung by Brittany Butler: Her parents divorced at a young age. She grew up with her mother, who has Crohn’s disease, and her grandfather. She had to work really hard to get into Berklee College of Music. Her grandfather got her first guitar and video camera to upload on YouTube. After her grandfather died she wanted to do the show for him. Gwen turns first followed by Pharrell. She has a very strong jazz influence in her voice; it’s very lovely.  Except for the weird vocal inflections…I really hate the vocal inflections. Adam and Blake are excited to see the rainbow and happiness death match. Gwen thought it was so, so good; she loves the whole package of the artist and thinks that this could be fun. Pharrell loved that effortless quality to her voice along with her scatting and jazzy voice. He says that Gwen would do the same for her. OhmyGod this is the nicest fight over an artist ever – I love it. This is like two fuzzy puppies having a death match. She goes with TEAM PHARRELL!

“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” sung by Evan Watson: Evan learned everything from his dad who was a musician. He became a one-man band after college, but left music behind because he wanted more stability. As his life got crazier, the time for his own music was limited. He wants to try his best because this is it for music if he doesn’t move on. I can’t really comment on it. He’s pretty good but my country loving friend is usually better with these things. No one turned, but I liked his rough and raspy voice. Blake perks up when he learns he has a brewery. He tells him that he is being super selective. He feels like he puts too much growl in the voice and Adam agrees with him. Gwen said he needs to use his signature sound tastefully and Pharrell tells him that he needs to further explore his voice.

“Secrets” sung by Ryan Sill: His mom is an opera singer and teaches vocal lessons, but he never learned from his mom because it never ended well. He comes from a family of singers minus his pitchy father who believes that education comes first. He was getting a degree in engineering before a viral acapella video changed his mind. He feels like this would be a great chance to show his parents this was a good decision. Oh. Good song choice. Gwen instantly turns around. It’s so pretty! Wow. His voice is lonely and he has excellent breath control. Blake turns around joining Gwen. Blake says that he seems like a cool dude; he likes the laid back power of his voice. Gwen thought it was so good and his voice grabbed her. She loved his high notes saying they were strong, which she believes is a foundation they can build on. He goes with TEAM GWEN!

“I Try” sung by Fernanda Bosch: She is part of Venezuelan family and music has always been a huge part of her culture and her art. Her mom qualified for the Olympics and now teaches special needs kids how to sing and has been volunteering for the Special Olympics for four years. She has never had vocal lessons and thinks that a chair turn would be super reassuring. I’m not sure if it’s mic issues or something but her voice is really quiet sounding. She has a nice rasp and a surprisingly strong voice, but I think it needs to be a louder.  Oh! There is the volume I was looking for. Both Blake and Gwen turn around. Adam compliments her ending key change, Blake loved her natural sandpaper gravel rasp and loves her badass upper register, and Gwen relates about her youth and singing ability. She thinks they can help each other. She goes with TEAM BLAKE!

“Best Thing I Never Had” sung by Beth Spangler: She works at the hospital as a paediatric radiologist; she loves being able to help the kids. She loves her job but music is her passion and dream. She has been singing her whole life, but there isn’t a whole lot of performing opportunities. She has been taking care of her family since her dad was in a terrible motorcycle accident where he lost his leg. Beth has learned to fight for what she wants. She sounds really, really good. Adam and Blake turn around. The lady can sing. Pharrell and Gwen turn at the last minute. Pharrell said that she effortlessly melded so many soulful influences and was going to sit this out until he heard her sing, then he just wanted her. Adam said that she doesn’t fit in and that’s a good thing. He wants to make her the best version of herself. Gwen thinks her range is crazy and plays the girl card. She thinks that they can do a lot of fun stuff together and tries to sell her on clothes. Pharrell said that she needs someone that will stay standing. He is walking the walk for her and stops Adam. She goes with TEAM ADAM!

“Latch” sung by Erin Kim: He works at his father’s tae kwon do studio. His grandfather emigrated from Korea in the sixties to start the studio where his father took over. His father influenced him to get into music with Korean folk music. He sings a lot of soul music during high school. His genre is acoustic soul with a bit of funk. All I have written down in my notes is boring. He’s boring. He should have done a different song or not been weird with the melody. Gwen thought that it was creative but felt like he changed too much of the song, Pharrell agrees with Gwen and thinks the arrangement distracted from his voice. Blake loved it but there was a pitch issue in the middle. Adam tells him to come back.

“It’s a Beautiful Day” sung by Griffin: He is very close to his siblings; they were musical together. He has wanted to go to Nashville since he was twelve to stablish himself as an artist. His family has struggled financially over the years. After high school, he and his sister started a bow tie business that they used to fund his journey to Nashville. OHMYGOD I LOVE THIS SONG! It’s the best screw you break-up song ever. He definitely has the right energy for it and has a lot of excellent control. Blake, Pharrell, and Gwen turn around in quick succession. He does need to slow down a bit as he was losing breath, but it was excellent. Blake immediately connects with him over South Carolina, Nashville, and Michael Buble. He compares Griffin to him and knows how to work with him. Pharrell couldn’t believe his range and is adaptable. Gwen loves his rich and deep voice. She thinks it is very beautiful and different. He goes with TEAM PHARRELL!

“Hard to Love” sung by Chandra Knudsen: She lives in a small town where she nannies. At the age of five, she was enrolled in a fair competition which she won(? My cable fritzed sorry). In addition to her singing passion, she loves Batman. Like she is crazy obsessed with Batman. She has LOT of Batman swag. Of course as a fellow geek, I can’t complain. But wow that’s a lot of Batman. Oh she is okay but not last artist good. Adam thinks that she was really great. Gwen said that she didn’t hear much personality in her voice; she needs to hear more her in the voice. Blake said that she is overshooting the notes and was sharp a lot. Pharrell says to make her voice stick out next time.

“Human Nature” sung by Mayra Alvarez: Oh! She’s from the same place as Jake Worthington. Awww Jakie! You super adorable booger you. She grew up singing in church. Her dad would book her to sing different churches and she sung on Christian televisions. Her dad was credited to getting her to where she is. She’s actually pretty good. It’s a little mellow but this isn’t my favorite Michael Jackson song. Gwen turns around for her. Blake follows after a huge power note. I’m not a huge fan. Blake sells the connection to Jake Worthington and thinks she can get a spot higher then Jake did. Gwen loves her range and thinks she has a light and fluffy voice. Gwen is really selling this girl connection thing. Blake says they can join the family. Gwen says she is looking for stars instead of family. She goes with TEAM GWEN!

Montage of artists that Blake dropped.

“Let Her Go” sung by Justin Johnes: He comes from a musical family, started dancing at a young age, and previously did YouTube covers with his friend. He performs for YouTube but not in front of crowds. He lives with his Mom and sister after his parents got divorced. He wants to do this for his mother. Justin is nervous to perform for an actual crowd. He has a very pop oriented voice. You can hear the poor kids nerves. He does sound good though, he needs more training…and it looks like Blake is giving it to him! Blake gives him a high five for his first live performance. Blake thinks that his voice is amazing and loves his lower register. The other coaches say that he is amazing. Blake whips out a t-shirt that says ‘Blake’s Boo’ and gives it to him. He has no clue what boo means. TEAM BLAKE

Next up is the Battle Rounds!

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