The Fourth Round of Blind Auditions on ‘The Voice’ Season Seven Gets Young and Fun

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Welcome back to another two-hour episode of The Voice!

It looks like until the October 14th premieres of Marry Me and About A Boy, we will be getting double dosed with The Voice.

I have to admit that this is a little surprising. I’m just used to one week of two-hour premieres and then we go into the one-hour stuff.

Last night was full of the Monday night excellence with one or two confusing picks. Seriously, for some of these four-chair turns this season, I am horribly confused. Someone explain these decisions to me.

Before we dive in with the episode, let’s see where our teams line up at the moment.





 Looks like Pharrell is going to have to be a bit more picky with his final spots.

“At Last” sung by Katriz Trinidad: Her family moved to the US for a better life. She just wants to continue to do her best with music. She’s taking on Ella? It’s a risk, a risk that pays off apparently! Almost immediately Blake, Gwen, and Pharrell turned their chairs.  She has a lot of power in her voice, enough that Pharrell stands up. She has a really smooth voice, good for this kind of song. Although I think it’s a little too clean? I also didn’t like the runs at the end but that glory note was awesome. Overall, I am mixed. Pharrell wants to go first. He has wanted an artist like her for his label his whole career. He points out that Gwen knows the style, and Blake knows the song. Pharrell is begging for this girl. Fifteen? Really? She’s fifteen. Blake believes that she is born to be a star. He points out that he has had a lot of luck with teenagers in the past. Gwen said just loved the mind-blowing vocals and thinks she’s adorable. She wants her to feel less rehearsed and more relaxed. Pharrell wrote a little note for her. Blake gives her a hand-heart. She picks TEAM PHARRELL!!!

“Beneath Your Beautiful” sung by Ethan Butler: For the last year and a half, he’s been seriously pursuing music. His mother is just happy he is not doing super “nasty” stuff. He works at the church and lives with his parents. He just loves to make music any time of day. He also credits music with helping him connect with his sister. He is dedicating his performance today to her, which is really sweet. He wants to be on Team Blake due to Blake’s connection with his artists. Adam and Blake instantly hit their buttons. He has a really smooth voice. It’s like a really, really nice easy listening type of vibe but not in a bad way.  I like this mellow kind of vibe he’s doing. Adam said he refused to show enthusiasm so he wouldn’t entice Gwen or Pharrell. Gwen likes his style and Pharrell likes his voice. Adam said that he maintained the pocket and just wants him on his team. Blake thinks he is more then ready for this competition. Adam said that he feels like he has got this one and feels connected with him. Adam wants to show him how to loose control in a good way. Blake wants to figure out who the actual artist is together. He picks TEAM ADAM!

 “When You Say Nothing At All” sung by Tanner Linford: He was on last season. I think I vaguely remember him. He’s back to prove to himself that he can do better.  I just can’t believe the message this kid is trying to sell me. He’s too young. I’m sorry. He is too freaking young. I cannot believe they would make such a big deal about this kid. HOLY CRAP BLAKE HIT THE BUTTON! I was not expecting that. I hate to say cannon fodder.. He was just not that good. Blake please give him some better songs! The kid keeps picking songs he is not ready to sing. SEVENTEEN!? HE IS NOT SEVENTEEN! Adam can hear so much potential in his voice and thought his improvement was noteworthy. Pharrell did think he was a girl singing and thought he poured his heart out. Blake thought there was some wobbly parts in the deeper register. He thought he did a great job. He goes on TEAM BLAKE!

 “Oh, Pretty Woman” sung by Roem Baur: He is a stay at home dad. He pursued opera due to a love of it from his mother. So logically he moved from opera to rock and roll. He even played SXSW. He and his wife made the decision for him to follow music. See. He sounds like the guy who originally sang it. A lot. That’s the trap. He’s not differentiating himself from the others. Which is tragic because he has a really great and rich voice. Damn he really is good. If he did a different song then he probably would have gotten chosen. Adam thought that it was too close to the original. Blake felt like he was getting too matchy to the vibrato. Pharrell felt like he picked influence over individuality. He advises to do something a bit different next time.

“Already Gone” sung by Jean Kelley: Her dad was obsessed with bluegrass. Her mom was obsessed with Elvis and 50/60’s pop. She would sing in the car frequently. Before middle school, her mom just suddenly fell to the ground. Her mom died from a congenital heart condition in front of her and her sister. They pulled together as a family after that. She worked in the business side of music but wanted to be on stage. She wants to try something for her own. I’m pretty sure she’s singing a Kelly Clarkson song. Her voice isn’t bad. It’s not setting my world on fire but yeah she’s pretty good. I wish she had a couple more quiet moments but it’s not bad. At once, Gwen and Blake hit the button for her. Blake loved the big note at the end and hit the button when he heard that. He wants a “for real” singer and not a “Pharrell” singer. Oh Blake and his puns. Gwen hit her button when she heard that gorgeous range at the end. Pharrell gives her some advice saying they are both great coaches and that she has to consider her direction here. She picks TEAM GWEN!

“Gravity” sung by Chris Jamison: He works as the on campus mailman. He joined a rock ensemble group in college. He is a triplet and is always singing around the house. He was the best peppers haker in the musical instead of the lead. He felt like the experience was humbling and has learned to let the show go on. But now he is ready to be himself and take center stage. I love this song. I also really like his voice. It’s very smooth and deep. Lord is it getting hot in here? Blake and Pharrell turn around. Pharrell is standing to show his interest. Adam turns after hearing a nice high run. Wow. He is very good. Gwen has clearly heard and turned around. He’s great. I like him. Pharrell is surprised that he’s twenty. Gwen thinks he’s cute. Pharrell asks about his influences. Adam loved the emotional quality to his song but thought he did too much to the song. Gwen said that she loves his uniqueness and wants to bring more of a signature song. Pharrell likes that he got lost in the moment and let his performance go. He likes that he put the pedal to the metal and thinks his voice is crazy. Blake thinks he didn’t overdo it either. He knows what he was trying to do in getting someone to push the button. He encourages him not to pick the obvious choice. He picks TEAM ADAM!

 “The Whiskey Ain’t Working” sung by Craig Wayne Boyd: I LOVE THIS GUY ALREADY! His whole look is frigging awesome. He originally wanted to be a rocker but the twang in his voice made him go country. I love that rumble in his voice. Blake turns, followed by Pharrell. Yes. He is so passionate. He has that rasp in his voice. You can hear the dual rock and country influences. I love it. I love him. Adam thinks his jacket is awesome. Pharrell didn’t know the song but loved the ab-libs. Blake thinks that he brought the edge to country music, which is great. He wants to bring that again. Pharrell loved the chances that he took in the song. He goes with TEAM BLAKE!

 “Sara Smile” sung by Tini Grey: He grew up making food over fires and surrounded by palm trees. He fell in love with music despite going to school for architecture. His dad had a stroke while playing music in a lounge. He wants to use the show to support his family better. I don’t know this song. He is really good though. I like his voice though. It’s very commanding. Still kind of leasy listening like Ethan Butler earlier. He is too close to the original? Why is no one turning? Gwen thought it started out strong but he went wibbly in the falsetto. Blake thinks that the falsetto was it. Adam thinks that his base was strong but the decorations were not good.

Now it’s time for those people who did not do good and were not interesting to rate full time.

 “One and Only” sung by Toia Jones: She grew up singing in the church choir. She was struggling for years to get her music career started. She moved back with her mom and met her boyfriend through music. Oh girl yaaaas! She’s amazing. I love her. Her voice just gets bigger and bigger as the song progresses. She puts so much emotion in her voice. I love it so much. Pharrell turns around first. Then she hits that special glory note and Adam hits his button as well. Adam likes her lipstick. Pharrell loved that she sang from her heart and like the canvas she painted. Pharrell wants to help her lift herself. Adam thinks there is no one like her on his team while she could get lost in Pharrell’s. Pharrell thought she sang for her life with her life. He wants to make sure she lives all her dreams. She chooses TEAM PHARRELL!

 “Put The Gun Down” sung by Amanda Lee Peers: She grew up in the church and music was her outlet in the church. Her religious background made her hard to be open about her sexuality. She left her church, met her girlfriend, Sandy, and started her own band. She likes to mix genres and wants to be her own individual performer. I love her! Like instantly, she just has a total unique voice. Gwen turns around immediately. God she has such a unique voice and there is that big note! Gwen calls the guys stupid and said that she was amazing. She loves the tone of her voice and her stage presence. Pharrell was so caught up in listening to her voice that he forgot to hit his button. Adam said that he got “Gwen’d” whatever that means. Pharrell is kicking himself for not turning around.




 “Say Something” sung by Jonathan Wyndham: He was a geeky kid who had a speech impediment. He found his confidence in music as both therapy and building self-confidence. I like this guy.  He is intense. Like this is a quiet song but you can still hear the intensity to it. That being said, it needs a bit more emotion. I’m sorry but when someone sings this song they need to sound like their heart is freaking breaking. But he is technically flawless. Blake, Adam, Pharrell, and Gwen all turn around for him though.  Gwen liked what he did with the song and the fact that he is cute. She thinks it would be super fun to work together and that he sings with a lot of emotion. She wants to help his presence. Adam said that it was a very dramatic song choice and that the beauty showed his voice. He wanted to hear less nerves and more the vulnerability. Pharrell concurs with Adam and liked the interesting tone. The conviction also was a major part of Pharrell’s decision. Blake said that he has a great storytelling voice and that he is two hundred percent invested in the song. Blake starts speaking in tongues or chatspeak. He goes with TEAM ADAM!

Come back next week for the final Blinds!

Bec Heim