The Battles Rage On As Season Seven Of ‘The Voice’ Continues

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Welcome back to The Battle rounds everyone!

Pharrell’s two steals are gone, Adam still has two left, and Gwen and Blake each have one.

The competition is getting tighter and bigger. Hopefully tonight we will continue last Tuesday’s trend of interesting battles because I refuse to sit through a two hour snooze fest.


Sorry, but it still gives me a lot of feels.

“Knock On Wood” sung Damien versus Kelli Douglas: I’ve never heard of this song before. So this should be interesting. I vaguely remember liking Kelli. Damien is having troubles with the actual performance area of the song. Stevie says that this song is all about timing and that Kelli needs to concentrate on her singing. At the final rehearsal, Stevie gives Kelli a bit of talk about letting go a bit. Adam tells Damien that he needs to be on the level. Wow I really dig this song. This is actually pretty good. I really love Kelli; she’s just so warm and inviting and fun. I may download the original of this song after the show. I love a good R&B song. Blake loves Damien’s tricks and explosive voice but also likes Kelli’s warmth to her voice. Pharrell thinks that Damien sings effortlessly and Kelli’s smooth tone that he enjoys. Gwen was more distracted by Kelli’s body but felt like she was being overpowered. The winner is DAMIEN!

“I Need Your Love” sung by Jessie Pitts versus Ryan Sill: Gavin and Gwen both think that they compliment and lend to each other even more. I don’t feel this chemistry. In the final rehearsal, Gavin tells Jessie not to drop off too much. Jessie has to match Ryan’s volume. Gwen wants him to loosen up. The end product of this is…it’s boring. Neither of them are going to last past the Knock-Outs. So I feel bored watching them despite the happy music. I’m going to go with Ryan? Maybe? Blake thinks that Ryan’s pitch is razor sharp and perfect. He also likes Jessie’s unique voice and that she did her best with a different song. Pharrell thinks that it is the most dramatic performance so far and commends Jessie for working a song that Ryan nailed. Adam disagrees with both Blake and Pharrell. He feels like this song was good for Jessie then Ryan. He feels like Ryan prevailed. Gwen loved Ryan’s attitude and feels like it is infectious. She loves that Jessie’s unique sparkly spirit. Gwen picks RYAN SILL! BLAKE STEALS JESSIE PITTS!

“Do I Do” sung by Blessing Offor versus Katriz Trinidad: I have never heard of this song either. This is an interesting pairing to be totally honest. Pharrell paired them because they can express themselves from the heart and love what they do. Katriz is a bit out of her depth or feels it. Pharrell tells her she is more then a balladeer. Alicia thinks that Blessing has a better feel to the song and sees that Katriz is not as comfortable with it. Pharrell doesn’t want them to oversing or it would be one note. Blessing needs to map it out in the head. I think Katriz is better. She just sounds freaking amazing. Alicia and Pharrell want Katriz to occupy the space. Pharrell says that it comes down to who can surrender to the moment the most. Yeah in the actual performance, I still like Katriz a lot better. She is dynamic with her voice. While Blessing just sounds like he is doing a note for note Stevie performance. It’s so much more interesting to watch Katriz and to even listen to her. She is nailing it. Gwen loves Katriz’s acrobatic voice and loves Blessing’s effortless tone. Adam loved Katriz’s precision and that she rose to the challenge. Blake thinks that they did incredibly well and feels like it was really damn equal. He was impressed that Katriz went toe to toe with him. Pharrel chooses KATRIZ TRINIDAD! Adam loved his voice and his name. Gwen also hits the steal button. She also loves his voice. Adam points out that he knows what Blessing likes. ADAM STEAMS BLESSING OFFOR!

“Yellow” sung by Ethan Butler versus Matt McAndrew: MATT! OhmyGod I loved him. I loved him so embarrassingly much. Stevie says that Matt needs to stay on the mic while Ethan should back up from the mic. Ethan and Matt, for the final rehearsal, decided to show their own interpretation on it. Adam loves it because it’s just purely on their voice. Stevie says that control is important. Both of them need to focus their unison moments. Adam wants to hear a bit more. Damn they both sound really, really good. This is actually a really great performance. It’s very…pretty? Yes. It’s pretty. Matt is still my favorite though. Blake liked that they got lost in the moment. He thinks that they could be a duo because it’s so good. Pharrell thought that Ethan was surprising because this was in Matt’s wheelhouse. He feels like it turned out to be a draw for him. Gwen felt like that it was suited for Matt more. His voice gave Gwen shivers. Adam says that Matt has an intangible quality to his voice and thinks that Ethan is skilled. The winner is MATT MCANDREW!

“You’re No Good” sung by Bree Fondacaro versus Taylor Brashears: I barely remember both of these people. I barely do. So this is going to be interesting. He paired them up together because of different the two are. He feels like the versatility of the song would allow it. Blake says that Taylor needs to focus her air during the big notes. He also tells Bree to conserve her air for her smoky voice in order to hit those notes. One of Little Big Town says that they need focus on landing on unison together. Taylor says she needs to focus on reaching those notes. They need to have control for the song. I prefer Taylor here. But overall? I’m kind of super indifferent to this battle. Like super indifferent. Pharrell wanted to see Bree lose herself in the song more; he felt like she needed a bit more conviction in her singing. Pharrell loved Taylor’s confidence in how she sings. He would pick Taylor. Gwen felt like she didn’t do the original melody justice because she loves the song so much. Adam feels like he got two different performances from the song. He would also go with Taylor due to her more self assured vibe. The winner is TAYLOR BRASHEARS!

“Halo” sung by DaNica Shirey versus Toia Jones: Pharrell felt that DaNica and Toia both have a similar tone and the experience to pull this off. Toia is having some confidence issues. Alicia wants DaNica to find her own voice and to honor her father with this song. This is going to emotional, isn’t it? They both need to control this emotional response. Toia starts crying during the final rehearsal. Pharrell and Alicia go over to comfort her. Alicia tells her to do what she feels instead of the voices tell her to do. I can’t even bring myself to make a snarky comment because this is FLAWLESS. Flaw-less. It’s not happening. It’s too good. Gwen thought it was mindblowing what they can do with their voices. It was inspiring to her to see what to do what they do. Adam said they slayed the dragon of a Beyonce song and slapped it in the face to make sure that it was dead. Blake thought that it a damn amazing battle and it was even for him. Though he liked DaNica’s softer side. Pharrell is proud that they sang for themselves and let go. Pharrell picks DANICA SHIREY! Adam hits his button for Toia. Then so does Gwen. Adam is groaning because of course she did. Adam goes to stand with Toia’s family. ADAM STEALS TOIA JONES!

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