The Fangs Are Out: The Originals Casts Debra Mooney As Werewolf Matriarch

Credit: IMDB
Credit: IMDB

It seems their vampire hunter father, and evil witch mother and her coven are not the only threats The Originals will be facing this season! The werewolves are back, with a new leader following the death of Francesca Guerrera, played by Peta Sergeant, and her inner circle of Guerrera wolves.

The spin-off of The Vampire Diaries have cast Debra Mooney as Mary, a tough werewolf matriarch who is solely concerned with the safety of her pack, reports TVLine. I smell an altercation with hybrid Hayley! Of course that would depend on what bloodline she is descended from – my money is on the Crescent wolves but only time will tell.

I’m excited to see the werewolves’ presence increase as season two goes on, but I hope it doesn’t take time away from the Mikealson family reunion, featuring Mikael, Esther, Finn and Kol (most of whom are in different bodies), as I’m really enjoying that.

Also, where the hell has werewolf king Jackson been? Does this mean we’re getting him back too?

Mooney is best known for playing Edna Harper in Everwood which ended in 2006, but has also appeared in notable roles in Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and Parks and Recreation, among many many others.

Mooney’s Mary will first appear in episode 11 of the sophomore season of The Originals, but viewers have plenty to look forward to before then, not least the appearance of The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev in episode 5!

Yes, the d word is back – doppelganger! Nina Dobrev, who has so far played Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce, and Amara, will be making a trip to New Orleans to tackle the role of Tatia, a woman who Klaus and Elijah were both in love with way back when (think the Damon-Stefan-Elena love triangle but way older).

There’s lots of new faces heading to The Originals, which airs Mondays on The CW, and we love it!