Tube Talent: 10 Reasons Why Hannah Hart Has Our Hart

Hannah Hart
Credit: Fuck Yeah Harto’s Tumblr

Content creator, author, comedienne, entertainer and entrepreneur Hannah Hart has made her mark on the internet by dabbling in just about every facet of the medium. She is one of those internet stars who has successfully branded herself in a way that does not pigeon hole her as one thing. Hart may have first gained attention with her YouTube series “My Drunk Kitchen,’ but she has impacted the internet the most as an intelligent, politically aware voice online. Hart can be watched on her TWO YouTube channels MyHarto and YourHarto.

Hart has never played it safe by keeping herself in a bubble of an alcoholic cook. She has managed to expand herself by creating secondary channels where she can discuss important things like sexuality, religion, sex and growing up in general.

If a sweeping statement could ever be made, it’s this: Hart is what those in the YouTube community strive to be. She creates content that is unique, relevant and important while maintaining a [we believe] profitable business as an entrepreneur who has an in demand product [ her channel and videos] that people are loyal to. It seems like the list of reasons to love Hannah Hart is endless, but we narrowed those reasons down for you. It was difficult. Feel bad.


1) She’s a great business woman 

Hannah Hart
Credit: Rebloggy

Hart knows her brand. She continues to make smart decisions with brand partnerships that benefit her and her subscribers. While doing promotion she manages to maintain authenticity and does not engage in promotion in a way that damages the quality of her videos. Her viewers always come first, and she has done a stellar job in balancing promotion with creative content. Hart may have first made her mark by being drunk in a kitchen but her the nature of her content and success of her channel is a product of her knowing her brand and being business savvy.

2) She’s smart

If her extensive vocabulary (watch videos with a dictionary in tow) is no indication, Hart is knowledgable about politics, history, and other things that make us feel inadequate. We could listen to her speak about her content and her goals. Hart is especially well spoken and her eloquence never fails to leave us awe stuck. Watching Hart is like watching informative comedy. Her intellect also provides her with her super-pun powers.

3) She’s personable


Hannah Hart

The biggest word thrown around in regards to YouTube personalities is “Authenticity.” This is because viewers can always tell if someone is putting on a face for the camera, or if they are just being themselves. This being said, when in front of a camera, YouTuber’s are their best selves. They are an exaggerated version of themselves in a way that is enough to be entertaining but not enough to seem forced. Hart always seems to be on point with this balance, especially with her vlogs. She may be charming and whimsical while taking us through her day, but she is not afraid to show us when she is tired or slightly stressed out.

4) She’s Honest but Private

Hannah Hart
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Hart is Authentic. There’s that word again. Hart never fails to be herself and always keeps it real with her subscribers. She always has her viewers in mind and has always been open to them on a respectable level. In a time, and on a platform where it’s easy to share too much, Hart manages to keep her private life private while still maintaining a close relationship with her viewers.

5) She’s hilarious

Hannah Hart
Credit: Imgur

Hart’s brand of comedy is arguably the hardest to achieve. She’s “funny-smart.” Her quick witted humour comes from her sassy, silly and smart nature. We dare you to watch one of Hart’s videos without at least giggling twice. She’s super pun-ny and it never gets old.

Hannah Hart
Credit: Rebloggy

6) Carrot Onesie

Hart is super goofy and we love it. What better signature to have, than a vegetable pajama. A carrot onesie if you will. It’s great for music inspiration.

7) She sings

You know that moment when a person is smart and funny and they couldn’t be more perfect and then you heart them sing? That’s how we felt when we first heard Hannah Hart really sing. Her soft sound is kind of breathtaking and makes us want to hear an indie album. Kickstarter anyone? Lets do it.

…Seriously though, leave some perfect for the rest of us.

8) She’s a writer

Hannah Hart
Credit: i-was-a-fool-for-love’s Tumblr

Hart is a recent New York Times best seller and rightfully so. We will hold out for a memoir because Hart has a beautifully conversational and inspiring way with words. Go buy My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut. Really. Do it.

9) She’s inspiring

Hannah Hart
Credit: MA-RP’s Tumblr

Hart promotes positive messages with each and every one of her videos. She never fails to teach us some valuable life lessons and to give us some words of encouragement and inspiration.  Hart does not sulk over the past, she uses any past hardships or struggles o push herself forward. If that’s not inspiring, we don’t know what is.

10) She inspires us and never fails to remind us that the best thing we can do is be ourselves and do what makes us happy.

Hannah Hart
Credit: That’s Grace’s Tumblr
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