Revenge Recap: Emily Faces “Repercussions” For Her Actions This Week

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The stakes are higher than they have ever been this season on Revenge.  It’s truly beginning to seem like everyone knows Emily’s real identity but the person who deserves to know the most – her father. This week, Emily’s reunion with her father is still in the pending stages.

This week on Revenge, we see the aftermath of Emily finding out that, surprise, her father has been alive all along. The worst part? Victoria got to him first. This season we see a crueler Victoria Grayson than ever before, since now she has something worth fighting for – the love of her life. She may have done some bad things (see: a lot), but now she’s seeing a happy ending in her near future and she will not let Emily get in the middle of that. This episode includes one of the most chilling scenes of the series, as Emily and Victoria go head to head, letting one another know that the war is on, and may the best woman win David. Victoria is petty and vindictive and just may get her way, which is what has had us on edge all season thus far. This season, it’s all or nothing.

While Emily decides her next move, Charlotte makes a move of her own. The youngest Grayson shows her family roots when she uses David to get one over Jack. Don’t forget, as far as David is concerned, Carl is his grandson. Talk about uncomfortable. What we do love about this situation, however, is how strong Jack is. Charlotte may have barged into his home with David (his father-in-law?) in tow, but he’s not afraid of Charlotte and he is not going to underestimate her. He knows just what her and her family are capable of, and will not stand for it.

Sassy Jack is the best Jack. It’s too bad that it looks like Ben is trying to rain on Jack’s parade by trying to look into Charlotte’s kidnapping case.

Go away ,Ben. We get it. You’re attractive. Now stop nosing around, and let Jack, Nolan and Emily do their thing.

In other news, Daniel is in a sticky situation. What else is new? Daniel seems to get himself in trouble wherever he goes. This time, though, we can chalk it up to Louise. We still don’t quite know what she is playing at, and just why she wants to get in with Daniel so badly, but we were not please to see Daniel give in to her seductive ploys. Daniel, in the end, does regret giving into Louise’s advances, and with a strong hand vows to keep their relationship strictly professional. This is after he works with Margaux to give David the deed to  his old beach house (all an extension of Emily’s brilliant plan to jog David’s memory of her). Daniel realizes he and Margaux are a team, and it kind of warms our hearts.

This season romance is slim to none so if these two are all we are going to get, we are going to milk it okay?

Finally, this episode gave us the scene we have all been waiting for since David returned to the Hamptons. This week, David pays Nolan an unexpected visit late in the episode, giving us all of the feelings. The closeness between the two is obvious, which explains why it was clearly so difficult for Nolan to not tell David his daughter was alive in hopes to reunite the two. Instead of spilling, Nolan does the noble thing and gives some subtle hints while respecting that both Clarkes have some figuring out to do before they reunite. Nolan and David’s  hug warmed our hearts, and we just hope the two get some more scenes together. Well, we just hope Nolan gets some more air time period. Luckily, this was a good episode for the genius who, as usual, shows up multiple times to try to shed some light on the unfortunate situation. Has anyone ever realized if people listened to Nolan, less bad things would happen? We sure have.

All we have to say is that we really hope David figures out the truth about Emily soon because, if the ending of this episode is any indication, he’s coming after her.


NOLANISM OF THE NIGHT: “Victoria’s done a hell of a job Clarke blocking us. 


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