No one is Above Suspicion on This Week’s Gracepoint

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

Welcome back, David Tennant Show fans! I kid; I know this show is called Gracepoint but in a way, it is the David Tennant show because of the sass his character Emmett Carver delivers on a weekly basis as he is dressing down Ellie Miller; it’s sheer brilliance.

But enough about that; let’s get down to business this week as we are reaching the half point of the show’s freshman season with this episode. Only 5 episodes left till we find out who killed Danny Solano so I hope everyone has been sorting out their clues as we progress.

Apologies for not having a recap last week; the city that never sleeps beckoned me. Here’s hoping you all got your Gracepoint fix elsewhere in the meantime and are all caught up.

Without much further ado, here’s what went down on this week’s episode!

What You Need to Know:

  • Hello Stranger: Remember how last week a mysterious number was found in Danny’s things? Guess what? The phone number reveals a name, Lars Pierson, who apparently turned out to be the backpacker that Reinhold saw talking Danny. Pierson’s photo is given to Mark (bad move), in the hopes someone in the family has seen him with Danny. As it turns out, Pierson is recognized by the grief stricken Beth. Beth tells Ellie that Pierson once approached her at the visitor’s center, seeming cordial but acting odd, after noticing a picture of her children.
  • Papa Don’t Preach: Chloe, who is quickly becoming the voice of reason, confesses that she got the cocaine from her boyfriend Dean, adding that he is not a dealer. Carver and Ellie go to question Dean but like a totally guilty person, he takes off running. The detectives quickly catch up and interrogate him. Dean claims the cocaine was a one-time thing. He also states that he only saw Danny a few times when he visited Chloe. The detectives take Dean to his supplier, who, upon seeing him, then asks about “the murdered kid”.
  • Not So Innocent: In a cruel twist of fate, Carver and Miller discover that Danny was with Dean for the drug deal. Dean then states that he picked Danny up from walking outside of town, stopped for gas, and Danny stole a crossword puzzle book. The video footage of the theft, along with news that Chloe is dating an older boy that deals cocaine, and the police not revealing anything about the case to the Solanos deeply affects the family. Family therapy anyone?
  • Everything else: Meanwhile, Carver gets a standing invitation to dinner at the Millers in an awesome yet totally awkward way; Coates warns Connelly to stay away from Beth; Susan Wright and Vince are shown to have a history together; Tom looks up Pierson’s location. As the episode draws to an end, a boat is shown burning on the shoreline.

Quotes of the night:

No one is Above Suspicion on This Week's Gracepoint

Credit: Tumblr

No one is Above Suspicion on This Week's Gracepoint

Credit: Tumblr

And now for this week’s After Party!

So what did you all think of this week’s episode? Have you all narrowed down who it is?

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