Night Two of the Season Seven Battles of the Voice Brings a Jolt of Energy

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

The Battles continue tonight and The Voice is in the right one-hour timeslot.

Although can I just say that I hope for a bit of more interesting showing tonight? I mean we had a couple of decent pairings, but nothing to write home about. Though I remain shocked as hell that Maiya Sykes was sent home.

Granted there is always one head-scratching contestant sent home every season.

I still enjoy Pharrell’s laid back, competent coaching style. Blake, meanwhile, has a friggin’ War Council with Little Big Town, Adam has the goddess of Stevie Nicks, and Gwen has her husband. Sure why not. For the life of me though I can’t name anything the band has done though. Although I can name an acting role for him: Gavin was in an episode of Criminal Minds as a vampire rocker.

Gwen is a very baffling coach this season.

Still with the news that Christina will rejoin The Voice in season eight with Pharrell, Adam, and Blake, it sounds like we are in for a treat.

Anyway let’s see if night two of the Battles has a little more oomph if you know what I mean.

“Breakeven (Falling To Pieces)” sung by Jordy Searcy versus Taylor Phelan: I think Jordy was skipped over in the Blinds. So here’s what you need to know: college student and part-time guitar teacher. I remember Taylor because Hot Dad Alert! Pharrell wanted to hear indie-rock and pop converge with their voices. Pharrell wants Taylor to have a more pure voice and Jordy to focus on the crack. He also wants Taylor to have a guitar for comfort. Alicia wants a more sense of both them as individuals because they blended so well together. In the final audition, Alicia and Pharrell want to hear a better emotional connection with the song. They slow down the song. Jordy feels like his voice went all over the place. Pharrell wants them to set themselves apart and just sing. Emotion is more important sometimes then technical precision. Jordy looks just like Blake Jenner. Is it just me? It can’t be just me. It’s super distracting. I still like Taylor’s voice more; I believe him more. Jordy is pretty good actually, I just prefer Taylor more. Gwen thinks that performance was all class. She was lost in their realness and didn’t pick the winner. Adam thought Jordy hit some harder notes well but goes with Taylor because of his presence and Blake likes Jordy’s projection but goes with Taylor because of his vocal quality. Pharrell loved that they improved and is honored they went with him. The winner is TAYLOR PHELAN!

“Stay” sung by Alessandra Castronovo versus Joe Kirk: I don’t remember her, and he was a four-chair turn. That is like the kiss of death for Team Adam. Adam wants to see their emotional range with this song. Stevie and Adam say that Alessandra needs to add a bit of her own flavor to the song. Joe is just letting his nerves get the better of him; I like Alessandra more than him. She has her own flair and flavor. Adam wants to help Joe get over his nerves and fears. Okay Alessandra, stop giving Joe those side-eyes he is like a baby. Adam tells Joe that he needs to act like he is singing this in church. Adam is forcing this weird sexual tension by having them sing to each other. Stevie likes that Alessandra pushes Joe to do more. Is anyone else feeling this weird sexual tension? I can’t take Joe Kirk seriously for this song. I’m sorry he’s just a baby; he ain’t selling it for me. I buy Alessandra and I feel like she has a cleaner, purer voice. She sounds like she is aching, which is just what you need to sound for this song. Yeah I just am not digging Joe’s voice here. I would give it to Alessandra. I can’t even it watch this performance because it makes me uncomfortable and I have bad second hand embarrassment. Blake thought Alessandra was amazing but thought Joe’s vocals were perfect, Pharrell thinks that Joe was original and loved Alessandra’s purring vocals and movement – he thinks Alessandra is a diva in the making. Gwen was moved by their performance, She was glad that they were able to hold back enough for this song. Adam is glad that Joe’s nerves were not getting the better of him. He also likes Alessandra’s effortless ease on difficult songs. The winner is ALESSANDRA CASTRONOVO!

And then Pharrell walks off with Joe Kirk and comforts him! OHMYGOD I LOVE PHARRELL! TEAM PHARRELL FOR LIFE!


Team Adam: Rebekah Samarin

Team Blake: Grant Ganzar

Team Blake: Tanner Linford

“Maneater” sung by Troy Ritchie versus Menlik Zergabachew:  Gwen paired them because she liked their sense of rhythm and their voices had character. Menlik is sticking with a desire for a reggae vibe. Gavin thinks that Menlik needs to work a bit on the melody. Gwen thinks that Troy is holding back on his voice. I really like the reggae vibe that Menlik is giving. Gavin wants them to have more of connection for the song. Gwen wants to have the performance a bit more. She doesn’t want Troy to keep bouncing. Either way one of them is getting Stolen – it’s the final battle of the night. We all know how this rodeo goes. Gwen is looking for a natural feel. This song is great. I think this is the best song I’ve heard in Battles. There is so much tension and I like the blending of the genres. Menlik is my favorite though. This is just such a really good song. I’m so digging this. Adam loved that they were still cool during the song. He likes that Menlik was self-assured and felt like Troy was a surprise. He thinks they made the biggest leap of any two artists on the show. Blake thinks it was the best battle of the day. Pharrell didn’t realize that Troy was as good as he was, he thought that Menlik was shining in the song. Gwen loved that Troy took the guitar off and she is proud that Menlik showed his personality. The winner is TROY RITCHIE! Adam and Pharrell both immediately hit their buttons to steal Menlik. Awww Troy is so happy that he was stolen. Adam thinks that Menlik has a compelling and serious voice that needs to be heard. Pharrell gives a really sweet pitch to Menlik that he thinks it would be great to work together. PHARRELL WILLIAMS STEALS MENLIK ZERGABACHEW!

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