Sizzling Sambas and Fancy Foxtrots: It’s Strictly Week 5!

Sizzling Sambas and Fancy Foxtrots: It's Strictly Week 5!
Credit: BBC


A strange thing happened to me yesterday. It was a Saturday night, and I had to go out. Don’t underestimate how annoyed I was by this, but then I suppose your dad doesn’t turn 70 every day of the week does he?

So there I was, catching up on Strictly at nearly midnight but it was totally worth it. Before I give you all 4YE’s expert opinions, let me just give kudos to Claudia and Tess. They are doing such a great job, and Tess, who I never really cared for, seems so much happier and relaxed. It’s wonderful to see.

Anyway, on with the show…

Jake and Janette: We loved their quickstep. It was a great opener to the show and their footwork was so in sync it was delightful. Lots of dance content to prove just how great Jake really is, and we thought the judges were quite tough on him. 4YE Score: 8

Sunetra and Brendan: Brace yourselves….We actually didn’t find this boring! We love a Viennese Waltz here at 4YE towers, and Brendan guided Sunetra perfectly around the floor. Yes, we’ll admit it, Suntera made a great impression. 4YE Score: 7

Scott and Joanne: Well judging by his own standards, Scott didn’t do too badly at all in his Charleston. Judging by everyone else’s…not great. Still, his best dance so far. Side note- How lovely is Joanne?! 4YE Score: 5

Thom and Iveta: Love how much Thom is enjoying his time on the show, and how much he let go for this Cha Cha. Really great improvement. 4YE Score: 7

Frankie and Kevin: Awww, they so cute! This was a lovely foxtrot and a really cute dance. We particularly loved the build up to the end when they broke apart with beaming smiles and danced separately. It was sweet and fun and we give it a 4YE Score: 8

Alison and Aljaz: This tango wasn’t Alison’s greatest dance at all. The judges were right, it did lack the sharpness of a true tango (naturally, we are experts on this dance), but as we predicted, she did act the dance well. 4YE Score: 6

Mark and Karen: Wow! What a Samba! A notoriously difficult dance for the celebs, especially males, Mark gave it everything he had. We are very happy to be proved wrong on our prediction that he would struggle. He had a beaming smile, he danced exceptionally well, and we give him a thoroughly well deserved 4YE Score: 8

Simon and Kristina: Their Viennese Waltz seemed almost frantic at times, and it was very choppy. Still, the boy can spin, we’ll give him that. 4YE Score: 7

Judy and Anton: Well, We never thought we’d celebrate Andy Murray reaching the final of any tennis tournament, but luckily for us he has, so we weren’t subjected to his presence after all. We were, however, subjected to Judy’s Charleston. Terrible. 4YE Score: 4

Caroline and Pasha: Oh yes! We called it (because we know). She was amazing, was she not? Caroline’s Paso Doble did not disappoint at all. In fact, she was so good that we actually watched her more than Pasha. Sorry, Pash. 4YE Score: 9

Steve and Ola: An absolutely beautiful waltz. Steve looks so pleased with the judge’s comments but really, he deserved every one. Great work from him and Ola. 4YE Score: 8

Pixie and Trent: We actually feared Pixie would damage her maracas forever given the over exuberant shimmying at the start, but gosh, their Samba was amazing. We think she is thoroughly deserving of her place at the top of the leader board. 4YE Score: 9


So there we have it, folks! Who was your favourite? Our predictions for the dance off this week are Alison and just possibly Scott. The standard was very high this week, and we are stupidly excited for next week’s Halloween special!

And now it’s onto the 4YE After Party….