Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Share A Passionate Reunion On Screen In Serena

Credit: Mail Online


The first clip of Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie, Serena has been released. The period drama will premiere at the London BFI Film Festival on October 13, and the film sees her reunited with her Silver Linings Playbook co-star, Bradley Cooper.

In actual fact, filming on Serena wrapped two years ago, before the pair shot American Hustle together, but it is only now getting its release.

Cooper and Lawrence play married couple George and Serena Pemberton, who run a powerful timber company in North Carolina in the 1920’s. Although the clip would have us believe the couple are deeply in love, the actual film tells a very different story. The couple meet and fall in love before deciding to pursue their dreams together, and soon a successful business empire is theirs. However, a series of dramatic events soon put the relationship under great strain as the empire crumbles and illegitimate children enter the scene while Serena struggles with her own inability to conceive.

The film is based on the 2008 novel by American author Ron Rash, and has been adapted and directed by Danish director Susanne Bier.

Jennifer Lawrence is a true captivating beauty in the clip. I couldn’t stop looking at her wonderful hair, though it seemed Bradley Cooper’s eyes were drawn elsewhere.

I haven’t heard much about this film at all, possibly because all Lawrence focus has been on the Mockingjay release and Bradley Cooper is about to star in American Sniper, to be released in January. I am a big fan of this pairing though. There is great chemistry between them, and it’s nice to see them on the big screen together after the success of Silver Linings and American Hustle.

Serena opens in the UK on October 24, with the US release set for February 26.


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